Day 5: #Nando25 Challenge: How Social Media Can Improve + Better Your Life

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: How can social media actually help you in increasing your motivation or creativity? It really can be a place to explore new ideas and boost your “awesome factors.” It’s also a place where you can learn how to improve on ideas and get instant feedback which can 100% be what you need when you’re feeling isolated and uninspired. Just beware, don’t use social media as an outlet to vent frustrations or too much disappointment–that’s taking the “social” out of it and no one likes a Debbie Downer. And according to experts, social media is a great way to keep accountable on self-improvement goals–sound familiar?

The Lesson: Watch the video + be present. (Guest appearance by Gemma Craven, Social Media Expert)


The Homework: Sign up (if you haven’t already) onto Pintrest and start a “THE NEW ME” board and start pinning items like clothes (the new weight you), quotes (to bring you inspiration), and anything else that flows with the theme of the new YOU you’d like to create at the end of the #Nando25 Day Challenge.


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