Day 3: #Nando25 Challenge: The SCAMS in Your Life

The Idea: I want you to consider the concept of SCAMS. It’s a 2 sided concept that serves a purpose in your life. You’ve designed them in order to receive a pay-off — whether that’s to keep you from being responsible in life or to make some else WRONG and make YOURSELF RIGHT. When there’s a SCAM present, there’s also a great pay-off.

The Lesson: Watch the video + be present

The Homework: In your #Nando25 Challenge journal, (a notebook or journal you’ve chosen to keep all your homework assignments organized) identify 3 scams you’re running on yourself (include at least 1 that you run on others) and try to get to the other side of the scam. Once you have completed the homework–post a message on our #Nando25 Facebook group page that you “completed my homeork.” If you need help–consider those constant complaints you have in your life whether it’s your boyfriend not working, your children being evil little devils, or your grandmother not sending you a birthday card–what’s at the other side of that?


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