Day 2: #Nando25 Day Challenge – Being Present #Video

The Idea: Being present is just that, being present. Notice I didn’t say, be present and smile. Or, be present and happy. That’s not centered in authenticity. If you’re truly present in every situation, you can identify your state of being–whether the interaction left you void of energy or filled with hope. Being present is allowing yourself to be in the moment–the very moment you’re in, not allowing your mind to drift off into tomorrow or slip back into yesterday.

The Lesson: Watch the video and be present.









The Homework:
1. Start being present at work, with your kids, when around your loved-ones and be aware of when you’re pulling yourself out of the now. And why?
2. Post on our private “facebook #Nando25 page” how you feel about this assignment.



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  • I’ve been trying to look for the 25 day challenge facebook page but can’t find it so I haven’t been able to post. Could you possibly link to it?

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