Beyoncé’s Perfect Formation at Super Bowl 50 on LinkedIn

beyonceBy now you might have heard the controversy surrounding Beyoncé from people like Rudy Giuliani calling her halftime show an “outrageous affront to police” to people arguing over this issue on Facebook + Twitter. But I was honestly shocked by those using LinkedIn as a place to discuss the horror of Beyoncé’s intent (their opinion). I thought she did a good thing, and let’s not talk about the surge in Red Lobster sales since her single dropped! The owner of the thread became defensive when others suggested she move the hate (my words, not theirs) to Facebook. See a snapshot of the LinkedIn exchange below.


LinkedIn discussion


The woman then went on to say that she was using LinkedIn appropriately as she wanted to discuss this topic with her network. By the time I got to the thread several people also shared in her opinion and posted several negative things about Beyoncé, including agreeing that she and Jay-Z paid bail for the baltimore riots.

This exchange got me to think, is LinkedIn the proper place to bring these issues up? I understand our networking circles are becoming smaller and tighter through the use of social media and people feel more connected than ever, but has platform purpose crossed-over?

I agree with Eve, this should be on Facebook — but not for the same reason she pointed out. I’m thinking on terms of hiring and recruitment. If you applied to a job that I’m trying to fill and I come across this post and  see how you handle/interact with people who disagree with you — and you throw shade + negatively their way…well, I just don’t want to be around you, much less work with you. I feel the same way about the people who started dissing Eve as well.

Is this more about manners or using social channels appropriately? I had to reach out to my friend Celinda, who’s also in the same career space I’m in, the other day because someone posted about a funeral on LinkedIn. Is this appropriate or nah? I got a huge “Nah” from her.  I just wasn’t sure if telling me your mom had passed away on a LinkedIn status update was the right thing to post. I figure, if we were that close, a phone call or text, even a snap on snapchat would have been better than LinkedIn. Don’t get me started on all the positive quotes/memes that have slowly become the norm on there too!

What are your thoughts on the direction LinkedIn is going? If they don’t start monitoring these conversations a little closer, I won’t be able to tell the difference between professional platforms and the ones where I can happily post my puppy pictures on.

And for those of you who haven’t seen the video or heard the song causing all the commotion:




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