Day 18 #Nando25 Challenge: The Context of Your Life

The #Nando25 Day Idea: If we are rooted in the idea that life happens only in language–the language you use provides your life’s context. And this is where is gets down + dirty. Although we create–and sometimes in a subconscious way, different subtext for various part/components in our lives–there is still a common thread that connects it all.

When you experience a breakdown in a certain part in your life, and after you take a closer look, you realize this isn’t the first breakdown, it’s the 10th or the 200th breakdown in this area, life is telling you that you need to transform the context you are supplying/living  your life with. It’s only when you transform the context, that you can transform your “way of being”.

For example. If you find that all the men you date eventually end up lying + cheating on you, and this started with boyfriend #1 in Jr. High School, we have to dig deeper. When you encounter the same problem over and over and over and over again–that’s the result of the context you have created. Somewhere, early on, you created the context that “I don’t deserve an honest and loving relationship.” Simple right? It gets worse. Because you created this context, all your actions, ways of being, thoughts and reactions will align with your context, “I don’t deserve an honest and loving relationship.” So no matter if it’s 5 years from now or 10 years from now–you will always align yourself and walk the path of  “I don’t deserve an honest and loving relationship.”

Within context–there are 3 occurrences or RULES.
Rule #1. Things that are possible
Rule #2. Things that are likely possible
Rule #3. Things that are NEVER going to be possible

What does that mean for you and your life? If the context that you’ve created in the area of relationships is “I don’t deserve an honest and loving relationship.” it means 3 things.

1. It means that it’s possible that you will date and find men in your life time. (not bad, right?)
2. It’s even “likely possible” that you will get into many relationships. (we are okay, right?)
3. But something that’s NEVER going to be possible –a relationship that lasts. (Houston, we have a problem)

What ever context you give an area of your life–there will be those 3 rules of occurrence. Forever. And ever. And ever. You have created the context and now, you and your life aligns itself to make it come true–or to prove your context right. Simple, right?

The Lesson: How do you change the context? You don’t. You can’t change context. You have to transform it. When you “change” something, you make something else from something. When you transform something, you make something out of nothing. You need to make a clearing–remember your life’s chalkboard? You can’t just pile on more phrases and words on top of the old messages that you’ve written about your life–you have to ERASE the board, make a clearing, for the new stuff, the NEW CONTEXT.

Once you have identified what the OLD context–create the NEW context. Write it down, and be specific–why? Because life happens ONLY in language. I ask you to be as specific as possible because your OLD context will want to push itself through. That’s the nature of things. You have been aligning yourself with your OLD context for how long now? Yeah! It’s not going to be an easy-breezy walk down the yellow brick road, it’s not–and unless you get extremely specific with your NEW context, your old context will start to slip in.

What you will see is that you are 100% responsible for your actions now. Before, you were just “living life” and had no idea why men were cheating + lying to you. Now, you have created NEW context and will have to chose to align yourself with that context. Daily. And when you find yourself on an old road, make that quick left turn and bring yourself back into alignment.

The #Nando25 Homework:
1. Identify in your #Nando25 journal, the breakdowns in your life and the area they reside in: Family, Career, Relationships, Friends, Children, etc.
2. Identify the OLD context (just one sentence–don’t complicate things) and then really think about the NEW context you want to create.
3. Create the NEW context for that area and write it down in your #Nando25 journal, but also write it down 3 more places where you can see it every day (at work, bathroom mirror, in the car, in your phone)
4. Start taking unreasonable actions to help keep you in alignment.
5. Send me a message when you “get it” meaning, you understand the concept of your life’s context.


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