Day 8: #Nando25 Challenge: Claim Your Space

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: There will be several moments in life that will cause you the loss of your space–only of you allow it. What space am I  referring to? Your way of “being”. Right now, how you are, how you act, is what I refer to as your “way of being.” If your “way of being” is to be meek, shy, quiet, always gets stood up, never speaks up, gets assigned the crap job at work, then you’re “way of being” might not be too successful. It’s your “way of being” that keeps you in that YOU bubble–and you must learn to activate a “new way of being” if that YOU BUBBLE isn’t getting you the results you want out of life. If you always stand on the side lines at bars waiting for men to approach you–and that keeps you single–then maybe your “way of being” isn’t bringing you the results you need in your dating life. If your way of being is to never look at your bank account while you go on extravagant shopping sprees–which result in arguments with your husband, then your “way of being” will eventually ruin your relationship. What to do? Claim your space! Claim your space in your dating life, your work life, your finance life, + your creative life! I’ve teamed up with New York City Life Coach, Tara Padua to give you 5 tips to helping you claim your space!

BONUS #Nando25 CHallenge MATERIAL: Learn to Claim your Space, where ever you are in life and starting having daily Exclamation Mark Moments! These EMMs are going to help you keep the energy up and propel you to your next EMM which will probably be bigger than your last one! How do I know? Because life happens in language and if we declare it, it will be.

The Lesson: Watch the Nando + Tara Video and be present.

The #Nando25 Challenge Homework:
1. Get/identify/create your visual cue that’ll remind you to claim your daily Exclamation Mark Moments!
2. Take pic of your visual cue + upload to Facebook and tag me, or on instgram and mention me, or tweet it out and @ me.
3. Start keeping track of your EMMs in your #Nando25 Journal and before the day is over, share at least one with the group on our private #Nando25 Facebook page.

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