Mavericks Shaving Cream and Face Kit Review

Mavericks Shaving Cream and Face Kit Review

The awesome folks at Mavericks reached out and asked if I wanted to review their face kit plus shaving cream and I jumped at the chance! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve reviewed lots of men’s grooming products so I always remain open and objective when doing so. There are so many men’s shaving cream products out there but not every one is created equal or gives you the best shave.

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Nike Fuel Band Review

nike fuel band
nike fuel band

Nike Fuel Band Review
I purchased mine (my own money) for $162.22 (that included shipping + taxes)

Are you looking to get physical? Do you have a weight loss goal you’re trying to accomplish? Well, now with fancy technology, you have a friend in Nike. With the Nike Fuel band, you can now count your calories burned, steps taken, and keep track of your Nike Fuel Points–with one sexy little bracelet.  


  • I got the one called ice which is translucent. I figured it was the sexiest option for me. After 3 weeks doing the Insanity workout with it on, it turns a smoker’s teeth yellow hue, due to the abundance of sweat I created. (Not too sexy)
  • The app that it syncs with on your iPhone requires your Bluetooth to be on–which eats your battery life up like Kirsty Ally at a Chinese Buffet. It’s bothersome to turn it on, sync, then turn it off.
  • In order to sync, you have to touch the sync button on the Nike Fuel Band. Not a biggy right? Well, it’s frustrating when you’re a lazy Mexican like me.


  • It’s highly addictive during the first 2 weeks that you’re gleaming with Nike joy. Those bastards!
  • It calculates your steps, calories burned, it gives you the time and it also measures your Nike Fuel Points which is a totally made up number system by Nike but after a while you fight the urge to say, Nike Fuel Points is a fantasy number and doesn’t really exist, like the binders full of women. Oh wait, that’s real. My bad.
  • Roughly translated, 2.8 calories burned = 1 Nike Fuel Point so you set up your daily goal. I, like the over achiever that I am, set my daily goal to 6,000 Nike Fuel Points. Then, like the underachiever I really am, I lowered it to 4,000.
  • It really helps you monitor how lazy you are. I seem to meet my 4,000 Nike Fuel Point goal during the week, but on the weekends, I rarely hit 3,000.
  • Helps you calculate your weight loss goals since burning 10,000 calories equal loosing 1lb.
  • Random people see your “cool bracelet” and stop you to inquire about its powers.
  • I rarely participated in any fitness classes at the gym because I was obsessed with knowing how many calories I was burning during workouts. Now, I can analyze which classes burn more–and you’ll be surprised. I burn more from a 30 minute Insanity workout (750-800 calories) than I do from a 55 minute cross fit class at the gym (288 calories).

SIDE NOTE: You might also learn what activities friends complete in order to meet their daily goal. Oh, still need 32 Nike Fuel Points, how about I masturbate my husband? (Warning, you will get unsolicited confessions like that)

Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Nando’s.

3 out of 5 Nando's
3 out of 5 Nando’s









I would have given it a higher rating but the syncing issue really bothers me.

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