Top Reasons: Why Aging Is Not a Barrier in Dating?


Does the thought of dating at your age bring a blush to your cheeks? Do you feel like you’re too old to be dating again?

Don’t let aging be a barrier to dating.

Whether it’s due to a divorce, break-up, or the loss of a loved one, there are many reasons why someone may enter the dating scene later in life and it’s nothing to be ashamed about!

Instead of letting age get in the way of your social life, let it be a gift. After all, you are much wiser now than you were when you were in your twenties. This maturity can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a romantic partner.

Forget the relationship advice you thought you knew about dating!

Here are 8 reasons why aging shouldn’t be a barrier to entering the dating world, it should be a blessing!

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Life Coach Dating Don’ts For Online Dating Profiles – Ladies Stop Doing This On Dating Apps!

Life Coach Nando Rodriguez New York City

It’s 2018 and despite all the advances in the technology field and every other field out there—I just saw an ad for a machine that can put together hamburgers and give you the extra cheese you personal trainer is demanding you avoid—there still remains one area that’s a constant head scratcher for many — dating profile photos! But ladies, don’t fear, I have your best interest in mind and I’ve teamed up with Caitlin Cooper, Dating Strategist and Expert Matchmaker from Three Day Rule, to bring you the top 3 things you must stop posting in your online dating profile!

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Life Coach Dating Don’ts For Guys Online Dating Profile – Men Stop Doing This On Dating Apps!

life coach nando rodriguez caitlin cooper three day rule

Last weekend I got schooled on the dating don’ts for guys from the creator of the dating app Hinge at the MogulX conference in New York City. He brought out some interesting statistics that were horrifying because it proved one thing — things haven’t changed since I was single and roaming the app world for love back in 2010. So I teamed up with Caitlin Cooper, Dating Strategist and Expert Matchmaker from Three Day Rule to bring you our own dating tips that guys should avoid on their profile when using dating apps. Brace yourself!

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The Fear of Dating: Something’s Wrong


The Fear of Dating: Something’s Wrong

Here are two facts about dating you might not be aware of: 40% of Americans are dating online and roughly 52% (both male and female) lie about one or all of the following: their age, weight, and income. How do you process all this? Simple, you put it int perspective. In life you have two options when it comes to dating, you either like it or you don’t. You either have fun with it or you decide to hate it. If you choose to see dating as an endless possibility that will lead to romance, you’re good to go — there’s nothing more to do but set up dates, show up, and be fabulous. Soon, you’ll be on the road to relationshipville. But for others, there’s something already present, something’s already there the instant they think about being single and having to date. It’s a negative preconceived notion of dating (and all it implies and involves) that sabotages their every move. If there’s a lump in the pit of your stomach when setting up your profile or scanning through potential partners profiles to find a match — the “something’s wrong syndrome” could be popping it’s ugly head out and ruining your dating journey before it even starts. If tasks related to dating seem daunting, like checking responses, replying, swiping, the “something’s wrong syndrome” may be what you’re suffering from but there is a cure!

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