12 Week Prosperity Course

12-WEEK PROSPERITY COURSE STARTS: Nov 4th (SUNDAY)  TIME: 6pm (est) GOAL: To create the financial breakthrough you’ve been too scared to bring to life! How did that feel? Just to say it? Yaaass! HOW IT WILL WORK: Each Sunday at 6pm (est) we will jump on a ZOOM call to invest our time and energy to creating the financial breakthrough you DESERVE! There will be weekly lessons that will help you discover “the story” you have around money. There’s something “there” that’s seen as an obstacle when it comes to finance/wealth/abundance and once it’s brought to the light — you can start to create newly. IF YOU HAVE EVER SAID/FELT: OMG! Another bill? I just need a raise! Once I make more money I will be happy. How do I pay for this? I’ll charge it now and worry about the bill later. This 12-week course is for you! And stop feeling any shame around your current situation. Shame won’t help you right now. Action will — sign up for the course and discover how you’re not alone and create a new support system that will hold your hand while you make discoveries you’ve never had before! WHY A GROUP? It’s though sharing that we can hear ourselves in others and discover what’s been missing in our own lives when it comes to HOW WE ARE with money! This is confidential group so what is said in the group stays in the group AND it’s an opportunity to no longer carry SHAME surrounding money. Are you currently having true and honest conversations about money with the people in your life or are you hiding/withholding? Many of us think money isn’t a polite topic to talk about in public — there’s a SHAME FACTOR….that’s why a group setting immediately gives access to a breakthrough in shame! Can you feel it already? HOW LARGE OF A GROUP? It’s a small group because I want everyone to get a chance to share their discoveries and with several people — time will escape us and I want to ensure YOU get your share time. INVESTMENT: There is a monthly fee of $200Each month you will be billed $200. Is there already fear around that? It’s okay if there is — let’s talk about it. But if you can’t even give yourself the opportunity to break free from the “broke” mentality — when will you? Do it now, COMMIT TO NO LONGER FEELING LIKE LIFE ALWAYS PASSES YOU BY because of money fears!
  • Discover the story around money that fuels your “stuckness”
  • Create a new way of being that leads to freedom and peace of mind
  • Have a support group and know you’re not alone in this
  • Remove the fears and anxiety around your finances
  • Apply new techniques to deal with self-sabotage
  • & more!
PAYMENT: Accept VENMO, PAYPAL ONLY. (of you pay through Paypal, you will be charged the service fee) Get VENMO — it’s FREE and it’s an easy NO HASSLE app. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN MY $200 MONTHLY PACKAGE INVESTMENT? *1 HOUR WEEKLY GROUP CALL *UNLIMITED MONTHLY EMAIL SUPPORT *ONE 30 MIN ONE-ON-ONE CALL WITH ME PER MONTH *WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS TO GET YOU TO YOU FINANCIAL GOAL *ACCESS TO MEMBERS ONLY PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE PAYMENT SCHEDULE: WHEN IS MY 1ST PAYMENT of $200 DUE? FRI NOV 2ND WHEN IS MY 2ND PAYMENT of $200 DUE? FRI NOV 30TH WHEN IS MY 3RD & LAST PAYMENT of $200 DUE? FRI DEC 28TH (Can I create a payment plan for this?) YAAAS! Let’s discuss and create something just for you! CALLS WILL BE SUNDAY: NOV 4TH @ 6PM (EST) NOV 11TH @ 6PM (EST) NOV 18TH @ 6PM (EST) NOV 25TH @ 6PM (EST) DEC 2ND @ 6PM (EST) DEC 9TH @ 6PM (EST) DEC 16TH @ 6PM (EST) DEC 30TH @ 6PM (EST) JAN 6TH @ 6PM (EST) JAN 13TH @ 6PM (EST) JAN 20TH @ 6PM (EST) JAN 27TH @ 6PM (EST) WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE A CALL? You now have a working schedule of all the calls — clear out your schedule now! Look into Nov, Dec, and Jan and clear out those dates and times! COMMIT to your self, to your finances, and to the group! Do you think Oprah is worried about an hour in her week? Do you think Elon Musk is preoccupied with not making his appointments? Then you shouldn’t either! YOU GOT THIS BOO! IF YOU DO MISS A CALL:  The calls will be recorded and you will get access to the listening. And you will be responsible for completing the assignment regardless of missing the call. READY TO COMMIT? COMPLETE THE APPLICATION HERE.
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