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Post By: Celinda

I get at least three new Facebook friend requests daily and it’s usually from someone I’ve never met but we share numerous “friends” in common. I used to accept all of them–after all, that’s what social is all about.  My social strategy on Facebook has been consistently the same for many years: Post cute kid pics and updates that I find hilarious of the crazy things that say and do.  This social channel is the only one that most of my family follows me on and I like it that way, which aligns to the reason why I talk about my twins. I’m not a parent that is super scared of the internet and have chronicled their lives since 2008.

I used to also post my professional accomplishments and brag about my team’s efforts but I  rarely do this anymore, as my wall tends to be filled with one person after an another talking about a client or a project they’re working on. I quickly realized that maybe we all don’t really care about the conference we’re speaking at or the project you championed internally that got three likes Facebook and retweeted twice.  Mostly, I noticed that my “friends” aren’t really friends but people I’ve collected that truly don’t know me but are busy creating opinions of me.

Because of the above, I’ve become super guarded and not the real me.  So much that when people meet me IRL, they expect to meet someone else.  At what point did I start curating my life so carefully that I started to give off a different vibe and that these so-called friends, started sharing their opinions with me.

There was that one HR professional that people pay to speak at conferences that called me a “loose woman” for standing by Planned Parenthood. Or that other vile recruiter that attacked me (and many others) for making a Glassdoor list.  Or the Branding professional, that decided while outing a “bully” she’d include me in the drama. And recently two executive level recruiting professionals who decided to attack me for standing with the #blacklivesmatter movement.

At what point do I say enough is enough?

For me that is today! I will no longer accept invitations on Facebook if we have never met in IRL. I will no longer tolerate hatred, negativity and socially inept people.  While we are connected and you likely have a different opinion than me, use your wall to share your viewpoints, don’t throw me in the mix. Trust that I am scrolling on by yours, shaking my head but with nothing to add, mainly because, I don’t know you and don’t care enough to debate your thoughts. Find a REAL friend, pick up the phone and rant but keep that shit off my wall.

Peace Out.

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2 thoughts on “What I think of How You Use Social Media – Get a Clue

  • July 29, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    So overall, the concept of this blog is pretty good, I think. And Celinda, you’re a fantastic, multi-faceted person with a lot of great things to share, so I hope you “do you” and get back to a place where you feel comfortable sharing all of you that you want to and don’t feel judged by those who don’t agree with you.

    I know I’m one of the people you reference in this post about including you in the drama over the outed bully. Respectfully, I included only part what I saw you participate in. You had more than one interaction on what could only generously be described as a bat-sh*t crazy, mean-spirited rant from someone I had never even met. Did you mean it the way it looked to me? No. But it was there, on Twitter, for all the world to see and judge and from the outside, it sure looked like you joining in making fun of Dwane and I being overweight while supporting our charity cause, No Kid Hungry. It wasn’t private, it wasn’t on your wall, it was incredibly pointed and even if you didn’t know who the post was about- others did. All of that to respectfully say, if you don’t want to be part of drama, participating in things where people are actively making fun of other people, who have real feelings, hopes and fears of their own that you impact with your actions, might not be the best route to take.

    I’m glad we had the kind of relationship where we were able to talk it out privately and was fine removing you from the blog once we did; but if we didn’t and all I saw was you joining in on someone who was being horrifically cruel? There would be no other context for me to put those actions in. And that’s painful.

    I don’t get why people would judge you for your support of #blacklivesmatter- there seems to be a lot of judgement and a lack of seeking to understand where people are coming from on that front. Personally, it’s something I didn’t fully understand and I appreciate the help you did provide on that subject for me. I’m sure others did and have, too.


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