What’s Missing in Your Dating Life?

We once thought the world was flat–then it wasn’t.

We once thought that having a mental disorder was due to being possessed by evil spirits–then it wasn’t.

We once thought that certain class of people should be slaves–then we didn’t.

We once thought that  witches were among us in Salem–then we found out it was just the yeast.

We once thought that being born with a disfigurement was a punishment from God–then it wasn’t.

We once thought Kathy Lee Gifford was the shiznit–then we didn’t–now we do again.

What about your dating life/relationships will you look back at and say, “Oh, I guess that wasn’t it after all?”

The fact is, with all the above theories, there was a certain amount of “crowd think” at play. Which is the simplest form of  giving away the ability to think for yourself and conform to everyone else’s way, instead. When you go against the grain and do what’s right for you, you get a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, a Mark Zuckerberg way of thinking.Mistakes will always be made–that’s what makes us human, but do we learn the lesson better if the mistake was made from your own thought process vs crowd think?

When it comes to dating–who’s rules are you following? No sex until the 3rd date? Or Sex is okay after the 2nd hour?

My question stands: What about your dating life/relationships will you look back at and say, “Oh, I guess that wasn’t it after all?”

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2 thoughts on “What’s Missing in Your Dating Life?

  • May 25, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Interesting questions and examples Nando. I’d have to say so long as you follow your heart and what you’re comfortable doing that’s all that’s important. I’ve never been a big comformist, heck it’s why I work for myself because I can’t be living my life fearing work. I was the same in my dating days. Just go with the flow. If you like someone go for it. If you don’t then don’t be pressured into anything. You’ve got one life and you want as few regrets at the end of it. So you definitely don’t want to look back and think about the one who got away because you followed some nonsensical advice from others.

    Believe in yourself and the rest will follow. I’ll tweet this out Nando as great debate.

    Have a lovely weekend
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  • June 7, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    This is such a great post, Nando. When we’re young (or even when we’re old), we’re convinced our views are correct when it comes to men, women, or anything, really. It takes a wise person to realize that everything they believe might go out the window tomorrow. Our views are constantly changing. I think one thing I realize now that I didn’t before is any kind of assertion that “All men like X” or “All women hate Y.” We’re all different and what one man loves another man might abhor.

    By the way, I recently saw a video you did about bullying – thought it was brilliant. Hope you’re well my friend! I miss you – it’s been too long!
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