Love Actually Wednesdays: Oliver & Louisa

Love Actually Wednesdays: Oliver & Louisa

Couple: Oliver & Louisa
How long have they been together: They’ve been in each other’s arms for 2.5 years
Where did you meet: They meet at work — dull but sexy!
First date: After work they went to a bar and got down and dirty!
What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC: They been living in NYC for 1 yr & they love to eat–so you’ll find them trying out new and fabulous NYC restaurants. “Who doesn’t love NY food?!” He exclaimed!
What’s you favorite memory as a couple: Oliver: “Ooh that is a tough one but it’s not one specific memory, but it’s when we cook together.

Do you believe in love at first sight?: Both giggled, “Yes!”

Do you think couples should have sex in the first date?: Oliver: “I don’t see a problem with that.” But Louisa added: “I think we had sex on our first date?”Oliver interjected: “And it was very memorable!”

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