My Youtube Return – My New Video Obsession

Starting a youtube channel is hard work. Starting your youtube channel after not touching it for several years is even harder because you’ve lost your subscriber’s attention and amount of talent out there is ridiculously good!

But not only did I start my own youtube channel back up again–I’m doing what I love, beauty product reviews for men, hair hacks, and anything related to fashion — I started 2 additional channels as well.


The first one is Leona’s own youtube channel. Famous dogs on youtube is a thing–of course Leona isn’t a famous dog on youtube -yet, but we want to dedicate this channel to everything in the world of pets, dogs, specifically owning a Shih Tzu. Having Leona for 3 years already has taught us both (German and I) very valuable lessons in owning a pet and we want to share our experiences. The channel will consist of pet product reviews, tips on taking your dog traveling, things we normally do with Leona — we want this channel to serve as a guide to 1st time pet owners and provide some entertainment while doing so. There will be fun videos of Leona with her friends in photoshoots, at the park, and of course, all the New York dog events and parties she’s asked to attend.

Check out Leona’s channel here!  (Please subscribe to her channel)

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The 13 Types of Social Media Users We Hate

I go through stages when it comes to posting on social media. There are periods when I post daily on Twitter, like Trump, but I don’t talk about walls or target people’s “sadness” levels, it’s usually GIFS of reality stars shaking a finger saying things like, “Yaaaas!” or “Oh no he didn’t.” There are times when I suffer from platform fatigue and need a digital detox. You won’t see me for weeks except maybe on Snapchat. (Don’t judge) I believe our posting patterns ebb and flow, depending on what’s going on in your life. Got a new job? We know — you post updates every 3 minutes on how you love it there. Just had a baby? Oh, yeah, we’ve known since month 3! Got a puppy? MORE! SHOW ME MORE!

There are research studies linking Facebook to depression or is it depression to Facebook? In my time as a social media recruiter, blogger, and strategist — I’ve come across several types of people that certainly fall into one category or several that abuse and use social and we have grown to hate their posts. I’m proud to announce I’m five of the below and recovering from two. What Type of Social Media Poster Are You?

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Monday Updates: When You Burn Your Hand in Brooklyn

Last week while cooking, I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand that instantly made me look like I belonged under a bridge asking people riddles before they could cross. It was pretty gross and the pain that came along with it was miserable– lasting for 10 hours straight. That’s the last time I fry spam in a cast iron skillet.

German immediately transformed into Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and ran off to get me burn spray, alocane, arnica gel, Neosporin, medical tape, wrapping bandages and a large Dr. Pepper. (Don’t judge)

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