If These Dogs Were On Tinder, This Is What Their Profile Pic Would Be

Accidental Shih Tzu

I believe some of the best things in life happen by accident. A happy encounter with a friend when strolling around the city, an unexpected feeling of thinness when you’re getting dressed, and discovering you just took a photo of your dog in such a seductive way that you are 100% sure if they were online dating — this would be their sexy Tinder profile pic!

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The Couple’s Smell Challenge | Smell Test

The couple’s smell challenge or the couple’s smell test is a great opportunity to have a little fun with your partner. Whether it’s date night, game night, or any night — if you’re looking for something to mix things up a bit — the couple’s smell challenge is a must-do! Beyond doing the challenge, there’s the meaning behind it that counts. You’re spending quality time with the person you love and it’s a great way to introduce a little fun if things have gotten a little stale in the fun department.

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My Youtube Return – My New Video Obsession

Starting a youtube channel is hard work. Starting your youtube channel after not touching it for several years is even harder because you’ve lost your subscriber’s attention and amount of talent out there is ridiculously good!

But not only did I start my own youtube channel back up again–I’m doing what I love, beauty product reviews for men, hair hacks, and anything related to fashion — I started 2 additional channels as well.


The first one is Leona’s own youtube channel. Famous dogs on youtube is a thing–of course Leona isn’t a famous dog on youtube -yet, but we want to dedicate this channel to everything in the world of pets, dogs, specifically owning a Shih Tzu. Having Leona for 3 years already has taught us both (German and I) very valuable lessons in owning a pet and we want to share our experiences. The channel will consist of pet product reviews, tips on taking your dog traveling, things we normally do with Leona — we want this channel to serve as a guide to 1st time pet owners and provide some entertainment while doing so. There will be fun videos of Leona with her friends in photoshoots, at the park, and of course, all the New York dog events and parties she’s asked to attend.

Check out Leona’s channel here!  (Please subscribe to her channel)

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Pet Photography New York City

Yes, you are “one of those pet parents” and you’re proud of it. I know I am. The photos we take of Leona are high quality and are ready to frame, post and print. Why should she be the only pet in New York with amazing high quality photos? Now, we are offering your pets the same attention and detail that we give to our baby girl.

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