Working with Recruiters : Your First Impression

As someone who was a recruiter for over 10 years, I can tell you that people don’t realize what a bad impression they make when they reach out asking you for help. It’s not the idea of helping someone that leaves a bad taste in our mouths, it’s the idea of organizing their thoughts and figuring out the ask.

It’s like showing up at a bank and when it’s your turn at the teller, you just sit there, say nothing, and continuously blink at them hoping they will read your mind and fix your problem.

As with any ask — you must be organized, present the ask, and present the opportunity for me in the situation–otherwise why would I want to help a random stranger?

When you reach out to a recruiter, you can’t be coy, you can’t waste time, and you can’t come across as desperate. Instead, you want to follow these tips–but clearly understand why these tips will add value to your message.

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5 Things Needed to Get a Mentor by Celinda Appleby


We all embark on a professional-world journey and more often than not, we make that trip alone, which can be a daunting task, considering our entire educational career we had advisors and counselors but all failed on helping us understand how it truly applied to real life. Many had someone that could help guide their decisions and advice them on tough matters, but the other half, didn’t fare so well—especially when it comes to mentors.

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Beyoncé’s Perfect Formation at Super Bowl 50 on LinkedIn

beyonceBy now you might have heard the controversy surrounding Beyoncé from people like Rudy Giuliani calling her halftime show an “outrageous affront to police” to people arguing over this issue on Facebook + Twitter. But I was honestly shocked by those using LinkedIn as a place to discuss the horror of Beyoncé’s intent (their opinion). I thought she did a good thing, and let’s not talk about the surge in Red Lobster sales since her single dropped! The owner of the thread became defensive when others suggested she move the hate (my words, not theirs) to Facebook. See a snapshot of the LinkedIn exchange below.

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3 Ways to Deal with the New Job Struggles

Wonder Woman saving the Day!
Wonder Woman saving the Day!

I switched companies about four months ago. I went from the everyday familiar (commute, colleagues, and conference rooms) to the unknown and the newness of it all. I’m the “new employee” encountering people’s smiles and helpful ways of making me feel at home, but there are a few things that only time will fix. You still struggle with your time sheets, the idea you presented wasn’t peppered with pom poms and cheers, and you can’t figure out how to scan your documents and e-mail them to yourself just yet. How do you deal with the new job struggles while not losing your mind in the process? Everyone’s struggle varies, but we all want to feel we belong and fit, especially if you’re spending the majority of your time, ideas and passion at this place. No worries, unpack your knick knacks, pour yourself a cup of joe and take notes.

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3 Tips on How to Shine in a Job Interview

pic from @NatyBaby instagram feed
pic from @NatyBaby instagram feed

If you’re new to the job market or need a refresher when it comes to a job interview — Daniela Toporek, staff writer at interviewingU wrote a great piece that breaks down the essentials of how to shine on a job interview. You know, you work so hard to get noticed and your resume makes it to the top of the pile and the phone screen was a breeze — but that in-person interview can be a little tricky for some…well, up until now.

“Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” Eminem was talking about rap battles in his verse, but I’m sure the same applied to us all when we went in for our first job interview (hopefully not the part of regurgitating your meal). After my share of interviews, I’ve come up with the three key components to help you score that job!

1. Come Prepared!

Depending on the job, you could either have a one on one interview with your potential employer or you could have a group interview among other applicants. Either way, the best way to outshine the rest is to be prepared for anything they may throw at you.

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