You’re sexy and You DON’T know it

What’s the #1 complaint men have about women? They are unapproachable.

This past weekend was the spectacular Single and Stilettos dating conference in New York City and the resounding complaint echoed throughout the seminar was just that:

The MAJORITY of Men find women unapproachable.

What does that mean? It means stop closing yourself off. From the moment you step outside of your home–you’re on display: waiting for the train, driving your car, shopping for tampons–you are on display.

And I know what you’re thinking, “what the hell, are you serious? What am I…a show dog?”

No, you’re not a show dog. You’re just SINGLE.

One presenter asked the women at the conference to start smiling more. Immediately, an alpha female barked, “I will look crazy going around town smiling nonstop!” Really? How do you look now? You look like an unapproachable angry bird. How about we split the difference and play around with that?

When I’m on the train–playing my game of who needs plastic surgery–don’t judge me–I often stop at both men and women who–aside from an eye-lift or cheek implants–would look sexy if they just smiled or wiped the frustrated scowl off their face.

Here’s a tip–get in between these people and smile–you will look like a super model next to these Debbie Downers…guaranteed! You raise your approachable factor by 200%… It’s been scientifically proven, in my head anyways.

If you’re female and single–check out your sexy factor. It shouldn’t just be when your slap on your Revlon Red lipstick or your leather catwoman outfit–your sexy factor should be high no matter what time of the day it is.

What time is it right now? It’s time to raise your sexy factor and have an EMM by yelling, “I’m sexy and I know it!” Guess what just happened? Yes, you just went from unapproachable to approachable in a matter of seconds.

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One thought on “You’re sexy and You DON’T know it

  • May 14, 2012 at 8:03 am

    You’re not wrong Nando. I’ve been telling this to some of my girlfriends for years. Without a smile they just come across as hard nosed and unapproachable. And yet, when we’ve been out and I’ve made them smile at men, book – instant chat up!

    Now of course people shouldn’t go around smiling non stop – for one it hurts and two you do look like a fruit cake especially on the subway riding around New York (not least because a mugger/angry person invariably comes up to you and says “wipe that smile off your face). But the rest of the time it’s good to smile and definitely one of the best ways to show you’re not about to turn your nose up at a well intended offer of a drink.

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