Breakthrough Inspiration Cards by Nandoism

Everyone needs a breakthrough and what  better way to accelerate it than by  owning a set of Breakthrough Inspiration Cards from Nandoism. Your personal Breakthrough Inspiration cards include four categories: “Romance, Sex & Romance”  “Family & Friends” “Career” “Life” Each category has 5 inspirational quotes that will help you have your EMMs (exclamation mark moments).  That’s a total of 20 quotes on high quality stock paper specifically designed for and his readers. Buy your set today for only $10. And don’t forget, they make the perfect gift, so when you order, think about those people in your life that you feel need a breakthrough as well.

Purchase your set of Breakthrough Inspiration cards today. Worried about losing them? Your Breakthrough Inspiration Cards are binded together with a sleek and sexy silver key ring that gives you easy access to all 20 quotes, but also allows you to keep your deck handy and nearby. Hang them on your fridge, keep them by your desk or even in your bag–they are the size of an iPhone and it’ll be the best $10.00 you’ve spent on yourself in a long time.

*Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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