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Whitney Houston’s Death + Funeral Upset with Clive Davis, Wendy Williams and Celine Dion


I get it, death brings out the ugly in people. And with twitter being at everyone’s disposal, the ugly get’s tweeted and tweeted and even retweeted. I was at the gym and happened to turn on Whiney Houston’s funeral right as Kevin Costner was ending his memorial. Then Alicia Keys came on and said a few words, then Clive Davis. Or was it the other way around? All I remember is seeing a tweet in my timeline when Clive was speaking that read, “Clive Davis is once again taking the spotlight directly above Whitney’s body.” And that sparked a discussion which lead to the video below.

You don’t have to agree with it and you don’t have to like it, but I challenge you to watch it. And at the end, ask yourself:

Should Clive Davis have been allowed to speak at Whitney Houston’s funeral?
What responsibility did The Beverly Hills Hotel have?
Did you agree with Alicia Keys calling Whitney Houston an angel?
Was Wendy Williams wrong for crying on her show concerning Whitney’s death?
And why are bloggers all of a sudden now crying out about Whitney’s demise and blaming it all on Clive Davis?
Was Celine Dion right on the money with her statement?
Was Robin Roberts swaying the interview?

Here are some Whitney pics, enjoy.











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  • The music industry is tough. I’m not surprised Clive’s party was not cancelled. I guess everyone grieves differently. It does make one wonder. If Whitney’s death upstairs was not enough to make people change plans, what would?

  • Right or wrong….no one would have heard of Whitney Houston if it wasn’t for Clive Davis. Also, at what point do we hold addicts accountable for their responsibility?

  • Alicia Keys did her memorial after Kevin C. Hollywood is always ready to party and spread some bling but I think in this case, it was gathering together to celebrate HER life. Your right in saying people need to put the blame on someone and in this case it was Clive. It is a natural reaction to grief, I think that is one of the emotions that one feels after a loss.
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