Ted Gibson Hair Consultation with Jill Engelsen

I popped over to the Ted Gibson Salon, to get a hair consultation. Since I’ve been growing it out–it’s become a little unmanageable and I needed the experts to show me the way. I set up an appointment with stylist, Jill Engelsen, and showed up a little nervous because I’ve never “consulted” with anyone on my hair before–it’s always been: ME, ME, ME! Jill sensed my anxiety-level and quickly calmed me down. She began to play with my hair and showed me 2 new ways to style it. She walked me though the process of blow-drying my hair (there’s an actual art to it) and what products to use and why. I discussed trimming the side a little and her eyes sparkled like those Twilight Vampires in the sun–she explained, Trimming the sides will give you more volume on the top and help cut down on your blow-drying time in the AM.” Those were magic words!

Because my hair is so think (thank the hair gods) I don’t want to use anything to heavy on it because it will weigh it down and that’s not the look I want to achieve, I am from Texas, so having BIG HAIR is a must! Plus, I learned a while back, the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips!

I’m going back for the special treatment I got from everyone at the Ted Gibson Salon for a trim in a few weeks. And although, Mr. Ted Gibson wasn’t there that day, my good friend, Jason Backe (his partner in life and in business), popped his head out for a minute which heightened the experience! Honestly, I wish they could bottle his energy and enthusiasm for life–because I would buy a lifetime supply.

Products recommended & purchased were:


matte defining paste- transforms fine/limp hair into styles with matte texturization and strong but pliable hold. Customized to provide form, structure and definition on fine hair while maintaining style reworkability.

L’Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert Infinium Spray:

You can use this spray while blow-drying to add volume or as a finishing spray, and it comes out dry and light, not stiff…of course I use tons of it.

And here is the finished style (one of them).



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