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Success Mantra for Women

This is an open letter, prayer, mantra to all the women in the world today. (and anyone else who has boobs)

I hope your Thursday is amazeballs and in case no one as told you as of yet–you are pretty fabulous, you know that?!

Let’s rock this Thursday with the wisdom of who ever discovered you can slaughter a cow and pick it about for hamburgers and ribs. It’s that creative ingenuity that I wish upon you. It’s that spirit of, “Let’s take this living creature and rip its life out in order to raise our cholesterol levels to an all-time high!” I want nothing more for you than to feel the energy of our forefathers who had the foresight to see up-ahead and not just what was before them.

May you tackle your problems with the same pizazz and spontaneous factor the early Mexican settlers displayed, for if it wasn’t for them, we WOULD NOT have 3 things today: tortillas, guacamole, and nonconsensual sex.

Let’s rock this Thursday!

YOUR MANTRA: Today I will be bold, laugh, date better, relationship freely and love out loud!

For mom’s reading–you are MORE than just a mom, daughter, wife and sister; find the other parts of you to celebrate.

For single women reading–you are MORE than your job, girlfriend, lesbian crush, spinning instructor and should never forget that. Explore your feminine wilds and ride naked on horses (just use Saran Wrap over your genital-region when riding naked–I don’t want you to experience a flea-infestation)

And for every woman reading–you are more that a taxi cab, nurse’s aid, and errand girl, remember to find that inner spirit at least once a day in order to feed, pet and love.

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