Love Actually Wednesdays: Valerie & Alex

Couple: Valerie & Alex

How long have they been together:  8 years of love.

Where are they from: From the beautiful Ukraine, Valeri’s been living in brooklyn for 5 years and Alex moved to Brooklyn 3 years ago.

Where did you meet: They met in the bus in Ukraine. She was on her way to class and he got off at the same stop she did and asked her out for coffee. She didn’t really want to go to class–so she said yes.

Where was your first date: It was a year later–after we had coffee– Alex went off to Africa, just to explore, and he called me up and asked me out, when I got there, Alex was waiting with a huge arrangement of red roses and  in the middle of the dinner he pulled out a little box, it was–a bracelet. What a sweetheart!

What’s your favorite memory as a couple: This one is good, the very first time we had sex– and the reason is because we had forgotten each other’s names. It was a year later, and we remembered one another–just not names. ,

What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC: To travel and play tennis also do a lot extreme things.

Do you believe in love at the first sight: “NO” to fall in love with someone first I have to get to know the person and how do I get to know the person?  We have to go on dates and talk.

Should couples have sex on the first date: It’s very individual for each couple.

Dating tip/advice for our readers: They both said: Be very honest with each other and humor helps a lot.

Have you ever had a “forgot your name” sex moment?


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