Love Actually Wednesdays: Roman & Adriana

Couple: Roman & Adriana

How long have they been together: Is been 1 moth of LOVE & sparks!

Where are they from: From the historic city of Puebla ( Adriana has been in brooklyn since she was 7 years-old while Roman moved to the Big Apple 3 years ago.

Where did you meet: They meet through Facebook.

What’s your favorite memory as a couple: They said they’re working on it.

What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC: They love to walk in the sand at the beach –and they usually see each other 3 days a week.

Should couples have sex on the first date: the Two frightened ( Mexican culture is very different, when it comes to sex from what I know “because I’m Mexican” they have to date for a while first and when they finally feel comfortable with each other.

Here is my question to you, “Is Facebook  the new”


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