Why You Should Consider a Love Coach

Why You Should Consider a Love Coach:


If you need a boost in your career, you have no problem contacting a career coach, right? So why should your love life be any different? Don’t you want someone to help you redirect and get you on the right path? On this episode, I talk to Life Coach, Tara Padua, who specializes in helping women get back on track not only in life–but in love.


Find out why they call her the “love bug”.

What we cover in this interview:


1. Why singles FREAK OUT at the thought of Valentine’s Day. (And how to avoid the freak out!)
2. Why people think Jennifer Aniston is so desperate? (Who’s to blame?)
3. Ever met a person who’s good from far, but far from good? (Tara’s explanation packs a punch!)

To contact Tara Padua, click on her WISE COACHING website.

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