Rants From a Mad Mexican

We all know it was bound to happen…a video rant on 5 topics that annoy me. I mean c’mon, we all have them–right?

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After watching the video–what are 3 things that annoy you? Leave a comment here or on the actual video.

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One thought on “Rants From a Mad Mexican

  • January 9, 2011 at 11:11 am

    Oh God! My turn!!!!

    1. When I’m at the gym and ask a trainer how a certain machine works and they start in with the “have you had your free training session yet?” sales pitch. I pay $150 a month. Do your job and stop thinking about how to line your pockets. Show me how to use the damn machine!!

    2. Men who can’t answer a simple question. Hint: If I ask you a question, and you a) don’t answer it and b) deflect you look guilty.

    3. Bloggers who announce on their Twitter whenever someone leaves them a “mean” comment. Which is just a request for other bloggers to come in and defend them. If you can’t argue your own point, then that’s a good indicator that you’re full of it and the “mean” commenter was right.

    4. The Twitter equivalent of talking loud on your cell phone in small enclosed spaces. If you’re planning a party or a meeting or whatever, use email to invite and discuss. That is, unless you’re sole purpose for using Twitter is to prove to everyone how super busy, super exclusive, super popular, or super special you are. Also annoying are people who like to talk about how much “ass” they get or imply that they’re well endowed.

    5. Jada Pinkett Smith. Just because.

    6. Match.com’s emails. I unsubscribed. Stop emailing me those Top Five emails. Most of those men aren’t even paying members or haven’t been active in weeks.
    AndThatsWhyYoureSingle´s last blog post ..Location- Location- Location


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