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lisa's photoDan Savage’s project, “It Gets Better” is a huge call to action in lieu of  15 y.o. Billy Lucas hanging himself in a barn on his grandmother’s property in Indiana. Can you just think about that for one more second? Gay Bullying must be stopped.

Thanks to Dan’s success, his project has brought out  several people to join the movement by creating a video on YouTube telling Gay teens that, “It gets better”. And take it from the Gay, Adopted, Mexican–it does! And the responses have been pouring in and people are showing so much love and support–it’s a beautiful thing to see and be a part of.

As of today, they’re no longer able to “favorite” any more videos on their channel which links all the videos to the project–but they’re still encouraging people to make them and titling the video with “It Gets Better” until they’re able to contsrtuct a website to dedicate to the campaign.

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from people saying that they’d love to help out–but they don’t have video cameras or feel their story isn’t as compelling–but they still want to show support–and why shouldn’t they? So I figured, why not just “post it”? Let’s make this a fun campaign. Let Gay teens know they have support all around the world!

So here’s my call to action–grab a post it and write “It gets Better” then snap a pic on your cell phone or camera (include location) & send it to me at nando (at) and I’ll post them. If you want show your support then let’s make “It Gets Better: Operation Post It a success but don’t forget to create a video as well, if you can.

foladae 1Brooklyn, NY

austin, txAustin, TX

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Gresham, OregonGresham, Oregon

photo 2Brooklyn, NY

rameez photoCedar Rapids, Iowa

lisa's photoCharlotte, North Carolina

katie 2Queens, NY

pixeleatingpostitBrooklyn, NY

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These awesome people already submitted theirs, will you do the same?

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