What if Social Media had Existed in the Past?

anne boleynI love social media, whether it’s Twitter, YouTube,  or Facebook but the  e-mail posted below, that came through last night and was too good not to share) but got me thinking, “What if social media had been available in the past?”  Do you think Paul Revere would have still ridden out on his horse in the middle of the night warning everyone that the British were coming or would he have just tweeted it?

What about The Salem Witch Hunts? Would there have been twitpics posted at each burning? And let’s not get into all the possible Youtube videos that would have been created at Marie Antoinette’s beheading, the possibilities would have been endless.

Would the dating scene have changed with social media existing in the past? King Henry XIII would have just Skyped with Anne Boleyn who was once described as “A woman who is the scandal of Christendom” by  Katherine of Aragon. And who knows, maybe that would have been on Anne’s twitter bio.

What other references can you think of that would have benefited from social media in the past? Leave a comment.


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