New York Fashion Week 2011 : The Models and Muffins Edition

From left: Imaxtree, Dan Lecca/Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta, Imaxtree, Courtesy of Calvin Klein

It’s that time of the year again when the fashionistas take over New York City, but this year, the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011 has a twist as the iconic Bryant Park locale is history and the mecca of style and fashion has been erected at Lincoln Center. No matter what your opinion on the relocation, one thing’s for sure–life in that area will never be the same. And backstage at the Ruffian show yesterday–thanks to my VIP access pass given to me by MAC, was a sight to see as as the process of how the models get primped and prepped for the shows began to unfold, all with a little caffeine and a whole lot of of hair and make-up.

Several truckloads of food were being brought in to the backstage area and once inside, the food went practically untouched. Yes, the models were extra tall and sexy, the make-up artists were extremely friendly and creative but the food table came across as the enemy–untouched. The ideology behind the the industry’s must-have look for fashion models gracing the runways has always sparked debates and rumors that models only eat napkins soaked in coffee or they swallow a cracker for the day only after they calculate their weekly calories are just that, rumors, but yesterday with all the hustle and bustle, how was it possible for a model to sneak in a muffin before she got her fashion on? As the make-up was being layered and the eye-lashes were glued with precision and as the stylists were yanking clothes off hangers and frantically running to and from one part of the room to the other figuring out the scheme of the show–the models sat there, getting worked on with blank expressions and only moved when told to so do.

As the models relocated from station to station–hair, make-up, nails–they all bypassed the food table filled with deletable treats that came across as tantalizing as they appeared and once leaving the chaos backstage, one thing remained untouched, the food table. A few croissants were shifted around and a muffin or two went missing, and one can only speculate that when it come to style, even the people who use their bodies as display racks have to strike a pose or at least bite a muffin.

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