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The Re-Launching of Gay

relaunch of gayDiversity is the spice of life–despite what garlic lover’s tell you. And in that diverse way of living, thinking, and being–we celebrate our differences. You can get a room full of 100 people and have them take the Coke challenge–no, I’m not talking that kind of coke (Wall Street bankers, stop salivating), I’m referring to the soft drink. And at the end of the day, after everyone is bloated, crashed from their sugar high and feeling the 140 calories they just drank; you would get a few people who loved it, some who hated it and other who choose the opposing soft drink. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? That’s the beauty of it–everyone is. And that my friends is the beauty of the term diverse.

But bring up a sensitive issue like being gay and there seems to be a common denominator floating around, “Oh, their fierce and fabulous, gays can help you find the right lipstick!” Now, as much as I love being called fabulous and fierce; actually, I don’t really know what being fierce is–I can’t help you pick a lipstick; I can’t even pick out chapstick, much less tell you what color you should be schmearing on your lips. The world is finally learning to celebrate gays but only one type of gay, the “in gay that’s out”. So it’s time for  the re-launching of GAY!

There are several types of gays in our rainbow (9 to be exact), and depending of the type of gay your gay is–you might have to accept that lipstick color selection is not one of his traits found in his DNA. I know some of my exes were not fashionably sensitive, and if you allowed them to style you–you’d end up looking like an extra in Tina Turner’s Thunder Dome video. Not a cute look, especially since gladiator sandals are so last year. So it’s time for all of us to rise up and celebrate the gay next to you but only after you find out what his strengths are, what are some of his likes/dislikes, or discover what his interests consists of, so you can celebrate him and his true self–not for the gay you want him to be.

Whether he’s a Nerd/Geek Gay, a Family Gay, an Old-Queen Gay, a Zen Gay, a Professional Gay, or one of the other 4 gay types–they all deserve to be celebrated because the light they shine in your life will remain bright, constant and readily available for you during your darkest moments. A Family Gay will know the best times to hit Target and not get mauled by the crowds, while a Zen Gay can offer tips on balancing your life and helping out the environment and the ever-so-naughty Old-Queen Gay will dispense the daily scoop on your next-door neightbor’s tragic marriage.

The next time you see a gay, don’t snap your fingers at him and say, “Girl, I’m having a fashion emergency, I need help!” because number one, not all gays like to be called girl but number two, he might have you looking like a cross between Pipi Long Stocking and an epileptic peacock–which is basically the Fergie look. We gays are great listeners, can provide insight on any topic other than fashion (relationships, finance, cooking, maintenance, career, spirituality, love) it’s not just hand bags and conversations on “how to get your bangs cut”.  It’s time we re-launch gay and put all our diverse flavors out there to be celebrated. And please, don’t contact me for anything else than a great guacamole recipe, cause child, I’m not that type of Gay!

Do you know Gays who aren’t  fashionistas? Are they any less of a friend? Are you committed to helping me re-launch gay? Leave a comment with your commitment stated!

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  • So true. There are as many types of gay as there are types of straight. I have two close gay bfs and I wouldn’t ask either of them for fashion advice. One of them thinks JC Penney is high-end. They are both wonderful, yet so completely different from each other. People like to stereotype sometimes. Everyone is unique with their own traits and qualities – gay, straight and everything in between.
    .-= singlegirlie´s last blog ..Dating “Experts” or Just People with Opinions? =-.

    • yay! I am glad we’re on the same page. JC Penny’s as high-end? I think I might have dated them. Luck and Nate? Dish girl! Dish!

      Tell me, what’s one of your gay bf’s super powers?

      • Let’s see. Gay bf #1 super power: Finding the best, cheapest deal on practically anything. He’ll do hours of research to find the best deal. Love to travel with him coz he’ll do all the research and I just pack my bag!

        Gay bf #2 super power: Not getting himself beat up or killed. Seriously. He sleeps with a different guy nearly every night he finds on Craigslist. Fortunately, he has stopped posing as a girl. This is the JC Penney gay, LOL!

        Ooh, I’m dishing too much. Bad, Nando, bad!
        .-= singlegirlie´s last blog ..Dating “Experts” or Just People with Opinions? =-.

  • Yes, yes, re-launch the gay! :) I don’t know what that means, but I love the term!

    I have, in my family, a few different types of gays, each as wonderful and lovable as the other, but none of them are the flamboyant types I’d take shopping with me. On your list, they’d be the “Professional” gays. I think it’s time to advertise for a gay BFF! My choice: Old-queen gay. Bring it on!
    .-= Zoe´s last blog ..Movie Crushes: The Princess Bride =-.

    • Nothing beats an Old-Queen gay as a friend–they are fantastic gays and will ROCK your world–I’m helping out another friend in CA pick her gay–want “in” on the fun?

      Re-Launch is just putting the same product out but with a different spin–we gays have been around for centuries–I mean, think who told Cleopatra MORE BLUE EYE SHADOW, MORE!

      So I want to re-launch GAY! we need it.

  • nando –
    great points – although i can pick a great lip color or make last seasons gladiator sandal work this spring, i can also pitch a tent (in the woods bad boy)and paddle a canoe. point is we are as diverse a community as the human population. gays are people and like all people, some are super cool and some suck. you my friend are definitely on the cool side.

    • you my friend are one of the Cross-Over gays and I love it! And to get an endorsement from you–as being on the cool side of gay–well, I feel like Kate Gosselin with extensions; shiny and new!

  • Not sure how I fit into your relaunch but I will do what you tell me to do. (As long as I am sober I think I will be safe)

    My personal favorite gay is the uber fem gay that is the life of the party. When they are around no one is suspicious of me.
    .-= Mike Masters´s last blog ..The effortless connection, when the game is invalidated =-.

    • haha, did I leave you traumatized? I tend to do that to people. sorry, but you can help re-launch GAY by sending people my way of they need a GAY in their life and one who doesn’t always have to be so fashionable–I can hook them up, Santiago is available to GAY for someone. ;0)

  • great post love! I’m all about the gay re-launch! I love every different type of gays, I have in my life!
    .-= LostPlum´s last blog ..THE SUNDAY PULL: yabba dabba do =-.

    • I want to meet some of the different gays in your life–and I know you have several. Thanks for helping me re-launch!

  • I most certainly DO fit into the “fierce fabulous” stereotype in many ways…I’m a hot bodied dude with a lisp living in Weho & make money as a beauty guru/Hollywood trend expert. There are many assumptions made, including my sexual proclivities. I love to show that even the biggest Nelly Nell like me can go far beyond the superficial, get dirty, play sports and shoot a gun.

    • man, you really are fabulous and fierce! And I love that you agree–we ALL have to be celebrated for our own super power!

      We are great people, we GAYS and with this re-launch, I know the world will see our fabulousness all around–even those of us gays who don’t have 6 packs.

      Thanks for commenting, love ya!

  • Oh and I almost forgot, whatever kind of gay you are, you should celebrate it! Let your freak flag fly!!!


  • I’ve been wanting to write this book for a minute. haha. Thanks for continuing to force people to look beyond their comfort zones and explore the possibilities.
    .-= Twanji Kalula´s last blog ..Sportsnite =-.

    • You are amazing. It’s because of brave gays that I want the celebration to begin and allow the scared gays to not feel so scared anymore. Thanks for always reading, always taking the surveys, watching the videos and always asking questions–that’s what make THIS fun!

  • Nando, sweetie!
    Another wonderful post!!! Everyone should be lucky enough to have a gay friend around. Each one is special in a unique way and will add a lot to your life. Cheers to the re-lauching of gay!

    • you my love are amazing and more in “real life”. when we met, I knew that you understood that someone being gay is not a label or a confined box as you celebrate them with honor and respect. Thanks, and that what I’m trying to get others to see–I’m not slapping a label, but trying to get other people to see us for the great and wonderful people we are–even if we aren’t make up artists and hair stylists.

      thank you for tweeting and also for your wonderful comment!

      We have to hang out–Santiago misses your energy as well as I do.

  • Great post =)

    I say every day that I am a proud geek! Games, fantasy Film & TV, science, computers… believe me, this list could go on!

    But I also like Broadway, love clothes, enjoy chatting with the girls, love getting watery eyed to a soppy movie, can match a lipstick colour and happen to think men are pretty.

    Every person is diverse. Being gay is not the thing that defines you. Being gay is something that each person has to embrace in their own way.

    SO, HOORAY! to the re-launch of GAY! (that was really gay wasn’t it?.. j/k lol)

    • thank you sweetness. I’m glad you liked the post and I hope you pass it around. We have to celebrate our diverse nature.

      And I dig your gay enthusiasm, woo-whoo!
      (okay, now THAT was gay!)

      Question: Do you think people will oppose the re-launch of gay?

  • What’s the other 4 types of gays? I’m not sure I fit into the five named types. I’m not sure I’m ready to re-launch if I haven’t even launched yet :-/

    • true, I want to do a follow up post–where I explain all 9 types of Gays. But from interacting with you–I have a feeling you’re a cross-over gay. Which is amazing!!

      And child, I’ve seen you at the club, so I know you’ve “launched!”

      Hey, I went back with some friends to Karaoke–and Boots & Saddles was just as fun as ever!

      let’s go back together, soon, yeah! And we will discuss the 9 gay types! I promise!

      • OMG I guess I have “launched” if I walk into a bar and the drag queen performing shouts out my name LOL. Yes, we need to go out again soon. I’ll help you cross-over to the dark side 😉

  • This is so true!! I can’t tell you how many times my friends have wanted me to go shopping with them, so I could help in picking out the newest trends. When, I don’t even know the newest trends sometimes. lol. I have been told that I’m a mixture of a Wall Street CEO, and a porn star; and I have NO problem with that! haha. Everyone is different, even in the gay world, which is why I am so glad that I am gay. It offers so many things to help enlighten your life, and even though it does have its downsides, it’s still amazing.
    .-= Dylan´s last blog ..JAGK2009: Q:what im thinking now…. and now…and now? A:i have no idea lol. :) http://formspring.me/JAGK2009/q/450259144 =-.

    • ah, my little gay baby! I love hearing from ya. I’ve been working away on stuff and have ignored you–I’m so sorry, but I know you really don’t want an old gay man harping on ya!

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad I can count on you to celebrate all our diverse gayness!

      Wall Street CEO and porn star, hu? You always manage to give me heart palpitations Dylan!

      Miss ya! :0)

  • Awesome post Nando. You are so right on all of your points. I am definitely not stereotypical in many ways – though I do love to buy new shoes, just not from Barneys. But there is, or should be, room for all of us in the gay tent. Too often some of the extremes of the gay rainbow end up being hidden in the closet so we look “normal” to everyone else. That hurts us more than anything else we can do. We need our Jacks, we need our Divas and we definitely need the old queen who has lived life and will sit with us and tell us stories of the past.

  • I love this, Nando! Most of the lovely gays that I have in my life here seem to fit into either your Professional or Geek/Nerd categories, and I love them all to bits. (And they would be absolutely mortified if anyone ever called them “girl,” the equivalent of which I’m not even sure that we have in French!) Variety is the spice of life, and you are right, we should should embrace its wondrous, spicy diversity! I can’t to be enlightened about all nine types.
    .-= Man-shopper´s last blog ..Ms. Mac Lover =-.

  • do you say that figuratively when you mention 9 types of gays? i was looking forward to all of your classifications. please, oblige us and define in your special “nandoistic” way the other 5…at least just for kicks. 😉 glad you’re back in your blog groove. having been one who is often judged, i’m the last to expect anything from anyone although i fall in to stereotype traps sometimes just in general. sorry, if i come off “we are the world-ish” but my mindset of late is be me and the right people will follow.
    .-= ifelicious´s last blog ..Haute shades: Interview with Khristian Michael of the Forever K. Michael Collection =-.

  • hey!!
    I always enjoy reading your stuff.

    I’ve known you for all this time and This is the first time to learn you can actually categorize, think and express systematically. You are not as dumb as I used to tease. Sorry.

  • Oh, the re-launching of gay! I love it Nando. The gay rainbow is indeed vast. I myself have had a raging crush on a gay man, not of course realizing he was gay (at first).

    The point is, there are as you point out many different shades of gay. But just for the record, gay or straight, fierce and fabulous is always a winner!

    Look forward to reading more Nando.

    .-= KB IN NYC´s last blog ..Dating detoxes: why they are good for us =-.

  • I think you meant to say the Pepsi Challenge – Coca Cola never challenged any other soft drink. 😉

    • child, from that entire post–my love, tears, sweat–all your eyes noticed was the Pepsi Challenge typo? Yes! My job has been done.

  • YES!! I’m glad you said it because my gay friends are pretty diverse in their interests and capabilities. Although one tries to fix my hair and clothes and the look is just ALL wrong.

    Anyway, I’m on board. Great post.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Most women go on 24 dates before finding “the right one”? That would be nice. =-.

  • Woohoo let the Re-Launch Begin !

    I have a few gay friends here in Bombay and each one has their own unique personality !

    All of them are professional; 1 would be my fashion advisor as he’s the head make-up artist for L’Oreal & Lancome; 1 is kinda macho but also an activist so constantly promoting gay events which is fab (love attending these – so flattering when a gay man tells you that you’re looking great)

    I totally lurve my gay BFFs for the unique souls that they are :) will make them read this post
    .-= Dazediva´s last blog ..Are You Insured ? =-.

  • As long as it means another parade in my west village hood, I am down!!
    .-= LoveintheDumps´s last blog ..Types of dysfunctional daters: the Lame Horse Bettor =-.

  • Nando:

    It was a pleasant surprise to meet you at the airport…was it in Iowa or Minneapolis? Anyway, nice to know a fellow Iowan and a writer at that. If you guys ever get to Asia, make sure that you let me know…would love to show you around Bangkok!

    Take care…


    ps. AND you guys were SOOO adorable. I could feel the chemistry going on…so sweet.

  • I love this post, Nando! It’s all 100% true — the rainbow is so vast and definitely needs more awareness. Loving the re-launch of gay!

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