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Straight Men become Gay for Pay

men on couchcouch_1The porn industry is recession-proof, maybe that’s where all the Wall Street fat cats should go, well, maybe not–have you seen the shape of those kitties? But move over regular gay porn, there’s a new fetish in town and it’s called “gay for pay“. It’s a great little catergory where broke straight men are paid to have sex with other straight men. Both parties claim to be straight but I have my doubts. Here’s a little bit of how the gay skin flick progresses into an art form.

Picture it: a funky couch in a cheesy house with motel art on the walls. We’re to believe that some how these guys just wandered onto this set–with lights and video cameras–and just sit on the couch and chat. They all have fake Florida tans (I should know, I love you Alaska Sun Tanning). We hear a scruffy male voice off-screen, “Go ahead and take your pants off.” (It’s at this point that I decide whether  I want to continue watching–why? I need emotion, depth, true human factors in my gay porn like in Scream for us Bradley and Just Got Caught…Oops) If they take their pants off too soon, I’m outta there but if they hesitate for one second and show a sincere thought process occurring, I’ll stay.

Straight boy #1: I don’t know man. I’ve never done this before.

Straight boy #2: Yeah, me neither.

Off-Screen voice: (sounds like a true pervert) How about I give each of you $100?

Then it cuts to the men pleasuring themselves–as young men should. Don’t judge, it’s in the bible. Then we reach the first plot conflict.

Off-Screen voice: You guys can “help” each other out if you like.

I wanted them to fight it! Say no boys, stick to your own guns. Don’t let this guy push you around. Who is he anyways? You’re the real stars–especially the one with the tattoos and enough gel in his spiky hair to stab birds to death, don’t give in. The off-screen voice noted their hesitation, just like I did. My heart stopped–what’ll happen next?

Off-Screen voice: I’ll give you an additional $100.00 each if you help one another out.

Damn it, he’s good! How can they resist this offer? This is where their core parenting values will kick in. Did mom and dad do their jobs correctly? Let’s see.

Straight boy #1: Well, I do have an anniversary coming up and my girlfriend wants a diamond ring.

Straight boy #2: Yeah, I have a car payment due next week.

Damn. Those must have been latch-key kids. And damn these rough economic times–those boys had no other option but to pleasure one another–I mean, what other choice did they have, right? I continued watching but only for sociological purposes. They placed their hands on one another’s manly parts but I studied their faces. I was convinced that real straight men would have disgust and shame displayed on their mugs. I saw something. Eh, I guess it’ll pass for disgust, I continued to watch but vowed I’d turn it off if any of this started to look staged!

Off-Screen voice: For an additional $200, will you guys relieve one another…orally?

That was it–the last straw. How dare he exploits these young men. Does Obama know this is going on in his 50 state reign? This is where I drew the line. Oh wait, the one with the extremely large feet seemed to know a little extra about man-on-man pleasure. I reached for my notebook and took a few notes. But I would not continue to watch if this turned fake; only an additional 18 minutes–but that was it.

Straight boy #1: How long do I have to do it?

Straight boy #2: Yeah?

Well those seem like legit questions that a straight man would ask when requested to perform mouth-to-penis therapy on another man. I felt horrible for them, especially the one with the bigger penis and a small mole on his left butt cheek. Yes, I had developed feelings for these young souls. And to my surprise, the off-screen pervert took the stakes higher and asked them to have full sexual relations for an additional $400.

I was disgusted with the following 32 minutes of screen time. (And who knew that would be a fold-old couch? Oy!) Where have the scared and holy acts of man-on-man romping gone? This wasn’t what I signed up for; my gay genes were revolting. Now the straights are enjoying our type of sex? Where is my congressman? Oh, the off-screen voice was my congressman?

What do you think of gay for pay porn? Does it give gay men the false hope that we can have sex with straights? Does it actually show that sexually–the lines are no longer so clear–especially when a car payment is due? Or does it just provide hours of entertainment with sociological value?

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  • The problem I have with gay for pay porn stars is gays who treat those guys as if they’re deity’s. No doubt, it must hurt those those who are gay and employed in the business financially.

    But, unfortunately, people don’t see it like that, so…

    • I feel 99% of it is fake–those guys are gay,
      but it feels naughty to think that for one minute
      they are straight–but does that say more about me than the industry?

  • In my opinion. If you have sex with men and women you are bisexual… paid or not.

    • I don’t know how I feel about that–because I think if I were paid
      to have sex with a woman–thousands of dollars (and I needed it) I would do it,
      but I don’t think I’d call myself Bi. (And my wardrobe for Spring 2010 would finally be purchased!)

      • I agree with you Nando that I might be tempted to do it for the right price and I am not gay…or am I lol? I think it might be easier for women to dabble in this than most men though as women are naturally more affectionate with each other.

  • Honestly I think every man and woman is bi to a certain degree. If you’re having sex with a man and a woman (but at different times) then you’re BI…..plain and simple. Everyone has a curiousity for trying things with the same sex, and this just proves that money is a motivator to make it happen.

  • What a sense of humor! Only you can twist Gay for Pay into something HILARIOUS! I hope new readers understand your humor, otherwise, this post will turn something NASTY! I LOVE YOU!

    • Thanks mister–I kind of like it when new folks pay a visit and
      comment, then when they return the see the twisted sense of NANDOISM
      then they go back and resubmit comments. I LOVE YOU TOO!

  • All stright men will turn gay for money and deep down they want to

  • I didn’t know you had writing skills like this. I’m impressed. Oh, by the way, I’ve always been told, “Money talks; bullsh*t walks.”

  • LMAO Don… you crazy! *hides* — Nando, I could not do it. Its not who I am. There would have to be a part of me that had an attraction to women to even consider it.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Jayme1988: I think I have annoyed my twitterati with madness enough for a while. *actually does some work* – please resist falling over lol =-.

  • I’ve ALWAYS said that after a few drinks a straight guy won’t care who’s *celebrating his *male parts* as long as it’s being done. 😉

  • Hey Nando,
    Secretly I used to wish my BF would let another man go down on him, a few of my girl friends have had similar fantasies… Just thought I’d mention it. Of course, as a woman, it is easier to imagine “having” to be with the same sex, sure, what’s the biggie? Hetro men need to have more definite lines, straight lines, drawn, I think. Oh as for that boyfriend, I did get him to suck a Dildo for me. Next day he asked if he was gay, I said “Yes. Yes you are.” He liked fingers in the butt too, but who doesn’t?!

    • Miss Jenn–you dirty bird. And I thought I’d have to tone down the replies from my GAYS!
      You’re outrageous and I love your honesty. I wonder how many straight women share your feelings on
      having your man practice “gay acts”? You know, I’ve heard from SEVERAL straight women that they like gay male porn
      and use it along with their “tools” on certain nights. I was SHOCKED, we had several of the same movies! Oy!

  • @nandoism I hate people that do that. It’s like mocking us in a way.

  • Oh yes, a GirlFriend and I were watching gay porn together one eve when her BF and his (hetro) friends came home–hysterical. Funnier for us, bc it was from the 70s (I decided) and these 2 fellas just had on striped tube socks, to the knees. Hot look.
    But yea, it’s the norm I’d say. Ladies are just more open, than hetro males. But then again, MyKale007 may have a point there…

    • Child, then it might have been your friends I was talking to! And don’t encourage MyKale007,
      he’s gonna go nuts! hehehe I might have to write about that topic, you have really brought some
      light into the straight women liking gay male porn–I see a new market opening up.

  • Oh, I think that may just be a new market yes, in fact, I need the name of this straight gay for pay one you were quoting–a must see I think! (Enjoyment factor, not getting into the politics of the whole thing… I see pros and cons, but for now–hello Pro, sounds hot.) ! Keep up the good work Nando.

  • Oh lord – as said already, only you can turn something so inane into a funny post.

    my 2 cents – or 4
    #1 – IMHO, sex is different from attraction which defines one as bi gay or straight. – you can have sex with anyone anytime, our d*cks don’t care who or what sex the person is. It just wants attention.

    #2 – I’m with you, I think that “gay for pay” is an illusion, a marketing gimmick that appeals to that deep dark desire within us that we could win over that cute red-haired barrista if we bribed him with enough money.

    btw – check out the gay chicken vids on xtube if you want real hilarity

  • I think Miss Jenn has a point. I’ve had a few straight female friends tell me that they also think guy on guy porn is HOT!!! We’ve always known that men fantasize about girl on girl sex….now women are letting their thoughts be known. Honestly I think Queer As Folk helped pull women out of the closet so to speak about guy on guy action. And at one point, a girl that I knew said that she wanted to see the video of me & an ex-boyfriend going at it. I just blushed and said HELL NO!!!! lol And Nando, why would you tell her NOT to encourage me?? You should know that I don’t hold back too often. 😉

  • i like porn all kinds of it sex is sexy funny and nasty all at the same time

    i like guy on guy action and they fact that they are getting “made” to do it makes it even better

    at the end of the day though i wonder how it may skew the hetero males view of sexuality banging guys all the time because lets face it what feels good feels good regardless if it is a man or woman preferoming the act

  • The only reason I think most of them are fake is when the straight guy gets fucked and acts like its not a big deal, these actors have had dicks up their ass before 😉
    Its a hot fetish though and I can understand making it as real as possible for the viewer.

  • Nando, I have a car payment due next week. Any suggestions?

  • Personally, I think straight men would put up more of an argument and probably not do it at all.
    These guys are either gay or bisexual.
    It sounds all staged to me.
    … and not staged very well either… a little bit of resitance and convincing would have been more exciting – me thinks!

  • Any “str8” man who will have sex with another man, even for an insane amount of money, is definitely gay or at least bi whether he wants to admit it or not.

  • This was perfectly written and a lot of fun to read. I too have been similarly ‘tortured’ watching those gay for pay guys violate all that is precious and holy to them for mere money…LOL…. you captured it well and skewered the genre in a way that had me thinking and laughing!!

    Now I am seriously thinking I should try be fake straight so I can then pretend to be fake gay even though I am really gay but pretending not to be so I can pretend to be straight and then pretend…OMG my head hurts…..

    • Ah, thanks for stopping over, was this your 1st time?
      Andrew, thank you for the compliment–your check will be in the mail by the 1st.
      (hope you pop back in soon!)

  • good one, i find that all those videos are fake and all acts

    • I don’t know–I think somewhere down the line–one or two might be REAL and then they guys find a niche. But majority, I’d have to agree are fake. Still sexy though. still sexy.

  • The extraordinary phenomenon of huge numbers of straight men performing in gay porn with riveting conviction beggars belief, but in my view it erodes the last bastion of anti-gay prejudice. If vast numbers of such perfect looking fit, well endowed, hard men can sustain careers having sex in public with other comparable men, it surely anihilates the idea that there is anything wrong with it. Sex is sex, love is love, they often go together but they don’t have to.

    The fact that so many, like Kurt Wild (interviews on YouTube by Tyra Banks), are married and have families and are utterly unfazed about publicly declaring that they are gay pornstars, using the wealth they gain in the process to acquire property, can only mean that the legitimacy of homophobia is rapidly on the wane. if straight men don’t mind gay sex to the extent that they will actually engage in it themselves, on film, video and TV for everyone to see from here to eternity, what is the point of anti-gay prejudice? Strange though it may seem, gay-for-pay is the quickest end to anti-gay discrimination that I can think of. These men kiss passionately with tongues, fellate each other, ingest semen on camera and have full-on intercourse every which way with other men for hours at a stretch. There is zero evidence of distaste, unless built specifically into the plot for feigned reluctance. What more does a straight man have to do to prove that he is not homophobic?

    There’s another phenomenon not discussed here, and that is the growing fascination of a female audience for all-male, gay pornography. Sexually charged men going at it can’t be so unattractive to a woman with a love of the erotic male form. Let’s not overlook the large straight male appetite for lesbian porn either. Moreover, there is some evidence that even homophobic straight men experience sexual arousal when viewing gay porn, no doubt to their acute embarrassment, but this may intensify the overtness of their homophobia as a defence. Homophobia is also linked to closet homosexuality – “no smoke without fire” and “methinks thou dost protest too much” come readily to mind. Recent examples include the anti-gay US Senator Roy Ashburn who recently outed himself, and George Rekers of NARTH, caught holidaying with a male sex worker.

    Even heterosexual pornography to my mind connotes some element of homoeroticism. How many straight men would want to watch a sex scene where the man was entirely flaccid? You can’t view straight sex without having a man in there somewhere.

    For a gay man such as myself, these are heady days indeed, but one does wonder what future this is leading us to, especially if the profit evaporates because of the proliferation of free content as William Higgins observes. I consider gay porn at its best to be an art form, but I want performers in it to feel free to do so from the perspective of a desire for career advancement, personal fulfilment and wealth. Given the massive scale of the gay porn industry, it must now surely be being achieved without coercion into prostitution or drug abuse. If people are entirely free to engage in this industry and enjoy their work, then I am all for it.

    • Thanks for the awesome comment. I love the cross section of people on the blog, and you just rocked my world!

      Having that “desire” factor in porn is a great attribute to have–if you’re in the mood for watching it–I think the “gay for pay” has shown us to enter another realm of what people want to see–that entire sense of straights “giving in” which could have an underlined sense of desire–just not out right.

  • how do i apply for this cause i need the money ive never slept with a guy but im willing to do anything for the first time i have kids i need to feed and i have bills that needs to be paid so im 18 years old if anyone has any suggestions e-mail me at fallensoul18@yahoo.com

    thank you

  • Put it this way, I wouldn’t go straight for pay!

  • Amusing post and great comments. Gay for Pay has been around for years. It’s certainly not new on the scene. Having run a ‘Gay porn Blog’ for some years, I’ve come across (no pun intended) many examples of Gay for Pay. Many of the sites that claim this are actually ‘Full of it’. A lot of this content is staged and many of the ‘participants’ are actually GAY.

    Derek Williams is quite right when he said that there are many ‘straight’ porn stars who are Gay for Pay, and indeed this is quite correct. However, having a family and kids, does not necessarily make you straight. Labels are after all, just that!

    On a more personal note, It is my belief that as a species, we are inherently ‘sexual’; no if’s, no buts, just sexual. Sex is sex, be it male/female male/male female/female or whatever mix you throw in the box. If you want to label it, go ahead, it’s just that. The animal kingdom, per se, shows this quite distinctly (despite the blatant nonsense that some commentators like to drone on about, namely homosexuality in the Animal world, plzzzz!). For example, when a group of chimps are looking for a mate, it is the dominant male that gets the girl, as for the rest of the chimps, well…. any hole will have to do because they ain’t getting that girl.

    Great article, even better comments. Cheers for that.

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