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Levi Johnston: Gay Icon

LEVI-JOHNSTON-PLAYGIRL-PICTURE-PHOTOAs I stand in the midst of the Levi Johnston and Playgirl commotion,  I began to read various headlines calling Levi Johnston a gay icon. Joy Behar had him on her show and he came across very polite and humble and he made a comment stating that “gays were people too” when Joy told him of a porno that was made with a Levi look-a-like. Ah, wasn’t  that nice of him–wait, don’t judge just yet, he wasn’t being sarcastic or meant it in a negative way–he’s just a moose-hunting manly man with a great set of abs and a butt you could bounce quarters off of–but icon?

As I read a few of the articles on Levi, I noticed that not too many were written by gay people, they were straight writers telling the world what gays felt. Now, I’m not the type of gay that points fingers–but it just didn’t seem right that heterosexuals were  in the mix telling other heterosexuals what homosexuals were thinking. (that’s a lot of h words–whew)

I don’t consider Levi a gay icon, a gaylebrity maybe, but not an icon. I’m not that old school, but I know that the Lizas, Barbaras and Chers earned their status but how do we choose icons today? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be standing in the freezing cold waiting for his February Playgirl issue (not full frontal) to come out on the newsstands; although, I doubt the Muslim corner store will be carrying it, but he hasn’t really done anything to earn the title of icon, has he? Even the gay magazine, Unzipped, made him an offer to pose nude.  

Do gays really think he’s an icon? And if so, are our gay icon standards too low? Is it possible that the gay bar has dropped and we can’t even see it unless it’s on the cover of a magazine? I can’t help but wonder, “Should there be a criteria for gay icon status or should it be as uninhibited as the gay men at New York’s Splash Bar?”

What do you think? Is Levi Johnston a gay icon?

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  • ummm maybe a gay “yea, I’d do him” but a gay icon??? not in my book

  • Abso-f*king-lutly not. I cannot stand when straight people assume things like that and especially about that trailer trash man-child whose only claim to fame is impregnating Palin’s offspring. Do we want to see him naked? Sure!! Does his being naked in front of us make him an icon? NOOOO He has a lot of work ahead of him if he wants that status. We don’t give that out to just anyone. Hell, Gaga isn’t even there yet in my book.

  • OMG. You really drove it home! And by the way, should we see him naked? Sure!! (I love that part!) You rock Mike.

  • I do not think Levi is a gay icon! haha
    .-= Chris Ryan´s last blog ..CAMPUS Thursdays – TABATHA’S CAMPUS TAKEOVER! =-.

  • Ok, this may be a double whammy to some, but Levi is about as relevant and important to the gay community as Adam Lambert. Seriously…All Levi is known for is making Sarah Palin a grandmother. Dropping ones pants and posing for a magazine does not make you an icon. Just as simulating oral sex via dance and making out with everyone on stage. To Adam, sorry…but Prince and George Michael worked the shock value, and worked it better and to be honest, look how much drama a legend like Janet went through for a little nipple slip…Don’t compare apples and oranges, princess.

    Ok, back to Levi (lol) and his “icon” status. Being the son-in-law of a ditzy VP loser is not something to brag about. Getting her daughter pregnant isn’t either. To be frank, you’re not even going full monty, so why are the gays drooling over you and the heteros pegging you the next “gay icon”?!

    I can definitely agree with Nando in stating “gaylebrity” perhaps and even stating that the standards of our fellow ‘mos are too low. Let’s face it, sadly us gay men are a bit…easy. As far as the hetero writers out there stating what/who WE consider an icon…Are you serious? Is this being stated solely b/c he’s cute (moderately..lol) and now naked? Personally, I’d say if an A-list male celebrity stood up for gay rights and stripped for Playgirl, he’d perhaps be looked at as an icon of sorts…but some hockey player from Canada who impregnated Sarah Palin’s daughter?! No, sorry.

    There have been plenty more famous hetero men who have posed for Playgirl in the past…none of which dubbed an icon or perceived as such by the gay community or even by the heteros who claim they know who WE think is iconic.

    So, in conclusion to my verbose rant (laughing) to all of you heteros out there who think you know how gay men think, Levi is NOT considered a gay icon. To my fellow ‘mos out there…please, have some dignity and raise your standards.


    • I bow down to thee!
      And your comment on ” stating that the standards of our fellow ‘mos are too low.”
      You cracked me up–but what a valid point.
      Thanks for your comment Steven!

  • I find it kind of insulting that the straight media only deemed him a gay icon after he took off his clothes for money #levi
    .-= Ross G´s last blog ..mnrmg: @nandoism I find it kind of insulting that the straight media only deemed him a gay icon after he took off his clothes for money #levi =-.

  • OK am a huge mo and even i know this guy is not a gay icon, i mean, who exactly is he.

    Come on get with the program and actually have some gay people comment on LGBT issues

    .-= Sean´s last blog ..The Ashes Of Christmas =-.

    • A huge Mo….I’m gonna have to start using that!
      It’s true–these folks are calling him a Gay Icon and we the gays are like, “what? really?”
      Like you said, “Get with the Program!”
      Thanks for stopping by sweetie!

  • Levi is just using his 15 minutes of fame. I would like to bend him over and give him a lesson on being humble:-)

  • Excuse me, but what kind of icon is he being called? Gay icon, I think not. A gay icon to me is someone who, has done good things to represent the gay community on a whole. such as RuPaul. I do not see Levi Johnson as an icon in anyway. Him posing partially or fully nude in any magazine is just his way of wanting to gain spotlight attention, in the worse way possible. He could have done other things. The Heterosexual community has always seen gay people, as either always and only having sex or posing nude, and that is just their ignorant way of thinking.

  • why would he be an icon? ughh Id be ashamed if people made him a gay icon, he represents nothing and probably doesnt even like gays, he wants money and fame, feed him to lady gaga! she will tear him a new one!

  • doesnt get me moist NEGATRON!!!!! he isnt even attractive to me

  • Hahah! Why does your comment remind me of The Nutty Professor? You are something else!

  • No… You can’t call every young attractive man a gay icon

  • levi johnston a gay icon? hell no! in fact, i go as far as saying that you are being rather generous calling him a “gay-lebrity”. to me just taking off your clothes doesn’t earn anyone that right and for me as a gay man (actually bi, but my gay inclinations are speaking now) find it insulting for someone to imply that i’m trite enough to give him celebrity status just because he shows me some skin – get real! he’s a marginally attractive guy (at best) who is having his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of a dumb VP loser, her daughter & his own child.
    .-= Xavyon´s last blog ..xvyn: Q:What turns you on the most? A:i am turned on by creativity – when a person can be creative intel… http://formspring.me/Xavyon/q/36291981 =-.

  • Sorry, who?

  • When I read your blog, I said who is LEvi? Thanks to Steven’s comment I said, “Oh, him?”
    .-= Elisa´s last blog ..Charity, Act of Kindness or Insult? =-.

    • hahaha, it’s funny–and I think that in itself should
      prove he’s not an ICON. You are like the 4th person
      who lives OUTSIDE of the USA who has left the comment,
      “Who is he?” And I think that speaks for itself!

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