Chocolate Winners

A few days ago I decided to have a little fun with readers and held a poetry contest. I wanted to know how you’d express your love through POEM to that special someone in your life. I have to admit–I was disappointed.

I was expecting tears to fall from my eyes from reading your romantic sonnets, or at least a dirty limerick. Instead I got fluff that even Hallmark wouldn’t publish–but I’m still glad you gave it a whirl!

It was a hard decision but the winners of the Chocolate for Valentine’s Day contest are:

1. Stephanie from Cedar Rapids, IA
2. Rameez from Jersey City, NJ
3. Scarlet from San Antonio, TX

Those who didn’t win–don’t give up, I just ran out of Vodka by the time I got to yours and then it was time for CSI:Miami. I will get in touch with the winners and get your shipping info so you can drown your pathetic…I mean, “poetic” selves in Axe Dark Temptation. In the meantime, I want dirt–how did you all spend your Valentine’s Day? Was it as miserable as mine. What?

For Original Contest Blog click here.

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