Improve Your Relationship with Men, Money & Work | Letting Go of Emotional Pain & Suffering

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Improve Your Relationship with Men, Money & Work

Letting go of emotional pain is hard — especially because some of us aren’t even aware that we are in pain–we’ve just gotten used to things being sad and miserable and we can’t see beyond that. In fact, any other way to live life isn’t in our future because we have become so comfortable with how things are and we truly believe that’s the way things must stay–for us, at least. But that’s just not reality. Why would your reality involve pain, being broke, and miserable? Why you?

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Gay Married Couple Vlog Series: Nando & German

gay married coupleGay Married Couple

Even before German and I got married, we kept our lives semi-private but there are some aspects we don’t mind sharing with our friends and family as husbands in Brooklyn. We thought it would be fun to share this video journey with you, especially since we have Leona, the best Shih Tzu puppy ever! These adventures will probably all revolve around her and her friends and a little quarrel here and there between us–just keeping it real. Several of her Shih Tzu puppy friends are rescues so it’s great to see how behavioral problems aren’t an issue for these pet owners that shower their pets with love.

The Why?

I wanted to showcase how normal we are as a married gay couple. Yes, we are husbands, but we lead the same life anyone typical married couple do. We worry about the bills, who’s going to take out the garbage and scream and yell when the toothpaste cap isn’t replaced. So I dare anyone to see this series and claim our “gay lifestyle” is different. It’s just our life. We just happen to be gay husbands in Brooklyn with a Shih Tzu named Leona the Lion.



The Video Series

Below is the 3rd installment of our video series where Leona goes to an all Shih Tzu birthday party to celebrate her friends Honey and Quinn’s birthday. It was action packed with all these New York City puppies running around but so much fun. As always, at these events, there is a dog birthday cake that sits on the dog side of the snack table and for humans, there are a few cupcakes & nibbles too.

What do you think of the video series? What else would you like to see? Leave your comment and let’s discuss.

Beyoncé’s Perfect Formation at Super Bowl 50 on LinkedIn

beyonceBy now you might have heard the controversy surrounding Beyoncé from people like Rudy Giuliani calling her halftime show an “outrageous affront to police” to people arguing over this issue on Facebook + Twitter. But I was honestly shocked by those using LinkedIn as a place to discuss the horror of Beyoncé’s intent (their opinion). I thought she did a good thing, and let’s not talk about the surge in Red Lobster sales since her single dropped! The owner of the thread became defensive when others suggested she move the hate (my words, not theirs) to Facebook. See a snapshot of the LinkedIn exchange below.

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Day 15: #Nando25 Challenge: Top Interviewing Tips to Get Your Dream Job

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: Ever wanted to know why you didn’t get that job? Did you have doubts walking into your interview? Today’s video will walk you through THREE top interviewing tips given my Amy Segal, Head of Recruiting for a Leading Communications Agency. Amy gives you the insight into the interviewing process and what people are really looking for.

The Lesson: View the Video + Be Present

The #Nando25 Challenge Homework:
1. Post this blog on your Facebook wall or tweet it out–we all know at least ONE person who is currently interviewing + this will help them.
2. Use the tips mentioned by Amy on your next interview.

Day 12: #Nando25 Challenge: Picky Daters, Deal-Breaker Lists + How to Meet Men and Women

The #Nando25 Challenge Idea: Are you being too picky when it comes to the people you date? IS your deal-breaker list longer than a 5-year-old’s Christmas list? Women, do you ever wonder, “Where can I go to meet men?” And men, do you ask yourself, “Where are all the good women?” Well, I teamed up with NYC Matchmaker + Dating Coach, Suzanne Oshima from who gives you the inside scoop on all of the questions that have been plaguing your love life.

The Lesson: Watch video + be present

The #Nando25 Challenge homework:
1. If you’re single, identify + write down your 75/25% list and identify what you will be flexible with and what you wont.
2. If you’re in a relationship, how did this lesson match up for you? Are you ready to let go of a few things you feel your current partner is missing?
3. Once you have completed watching the video–make sure to share it with at least 2 friends that are single.



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