New York Train Fashion: The New Orleans Peekaboo Superbowl Edition

Today’s submission is breaking all the rules. First, it’s NOT from New York, it’s actually from the streets of New Orleans during the super bowl. I think this was the reason the lights went out–the people sitting next to her complained they could see her business and the Lord intervened! The second rule being broken is that it’s not a photo I took, it was submitted by the beautiful  and always vigilant @lostplum who blogs over at who gives us her take on life, which is always grand and with a twist of sexy darkness.

But hey, if she felt sexy…more power to her.

Want to submit photos you take “on the go” for next Fridays’ edition of New York Train Fashion, e-mail them to and I will post with pride!

sexy hot mama in new orleans



New York Train Fashion: Dress Like a Lady, Sit Like a Man

lady in purple

I find it annoying when guys on the train spreads their legs so wide that they’re now taking over 2 spaces. Really? Imagine my surprise when I got on the train this AM and found this beauty doing the same thing. She just sat there, in all her glory, spread open, like she’s was giving us the gift of awesomeness. True, she wasn’t taking up two seats, but the lady next to her (who obviously took an old elmo doll, dyed it purple + glued it to her coat) would have liked a little leg room. Can you see how she’s squeezing it in? Good grief!  Makes me  think, she dresses like a lady, but sits like a man.

New York Train Fashion: Brother + Sister Edition

cute brother + sister team
cute brother + sister team

German + I were on the @ train chatting away this AM (well, I was chatting away, he was tuning me out when it’s this early in the morning) when this adorable brother + sister hop on the train and position themselves in front of us. Not only did they  captured us with their bold + colorful outfits–they warmed our heart with their universal conversation.

He was wearing baggy + stylish camouflage pants with high top adidas sneakers while his black wide-rim frames where tucked into his messy locks while she was wearing sassy braids while rock’n her pinks + purples all over Brooklyn.

It was their conversation that won us over.

(Ignore the Asian woman in the back who obviously wanted to get in the photo) Kim Lee, you better wait your turn girl, for your own fashion friday edition.

Little Girl: Eeeeeeeeew!

Big bother: What?

Little Girl: Your breath stinks!

Big brother: Shut up, shut up shut up, don’t talk to me!

Little Girl: Why does your breath stink?

Big Brother: silent (but his eyes said so much)


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