FREE Live Webinar: Break Free From Your Limited Beliefs & Stop Letting Them Run Your Life!

Break Free From Your Limited Beliefs Running Your Life!

Join Transformational NLP Coach Nando Rodriguez in a LIVE 30-minute interactive workshop and discover what limited belief is causing such chaos in your life. Not only does it take over your thoughts…it’s actually keeping you from truly achieving all the greatness you’re capable of in your: relationships, finances, career, and creative projects.

This FREE 30-minute session gives you a taste of freedom and allows you to apply the learnings immediately to create a breakthrough in what ever area you desire!

Invite your loved ones and friends to join you on this journey, you don’t want to miss out!


Thu, April 26, 2018

8:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST


Register here! 

Hiring a Life Coach

Hiring a Life Coach

When you hire a life coach there are a few key things people look for: certification, experience, price, and the list goes on and on — but one key element you should never overlook is how well you get along. Having chemistry with your life coach is instrumental to achieving the goals you create and set in your coaching experience. Why? When your coach pushes back, and they will, you will want to know they are standing for you and your outcomes.

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