Job Tip: Reaching Out to a Recruiter – Mistakes and First Impressions

nando and charlene job tips
nando and charlene job tips

If you’re on the hunt for a new job or maybe you’re just looking to add a few recruiters to your network –there is a way to approach recruiters that’ll make you stand out in a positive light and get our attention. I get so many people who just send me their resume with a note that reads, “What am I good for?” After getting that, I know what you’re NOT good for.

The publishing industry has mastered the art of how to send query letters to potential agents and publishing houses–and it’s the same with recruiters.

Aspiring authors just don’t send their book or manuscripts to an agent and say, “Take a read and let me know what’s up?” So why should your approach to a recruiter be any different? Do your research, find out what that recruiter handles (social, I.T., accounting, admin, etc) and if you’re profession and their industry match — reach out to them but make sure you have a job to discuss. Don’t just send your resume and ask, “What am I good for?” Do more research, visit their career website and see if their a role that matches your skill set and that way, when you reach out–you can touch on the job you’re interested in. This approach will create a dialogue between you and the recruiter.

Check out Nando + Charlene, Brand Specialist and Professional Recruiters for extra tips on how to approach a recruiter — mistakes and first impression.


Career Networking + Phone Screen Etiquette 101

Career Networking + Phone Screen Etiquette 101

Ever wonder what the rules are when networking? Do you just walk up to anyone at a networking event and give your elevator pitch? And how soon after the event should you follow up with your new contacts? Here are the rules for career networking by Stephanie Hunt, etiquette coach from Swan Noir.

Also in this episode are rules to properly ace a phone screen/interview with a potential employer.


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Top 3 Tips for Job Seekers- What are you doing Wrong?

Charlene Narcelles manages full-cycle recruiting of digital media and account management professionals for various client groups within Ogilvy and OgilvyOne. She leads recruitment efforts for all positions within OgilvyAction (ie. account, creative, analytics, web designers, etc.). In order to successfully find the best talent within the current landscape, she partner with senior-level hiring managers to understand business needs. In addition, Charlene travel to a number of prestigious universities nationwide to serve as Ogilvy’s ambassador at various college recruiting events (ex. Most Promising Minority Students, MAIP, National Black MBA)

Additional Info on Charlene:
-3 years at Ogilvy
-expertise in digital media, advertising and shopper marketing recruiting
-masters in industrial/organizational psych from NYU
-mommy to Chico (her pet Chihuahua)




Nando Rodriguez has over eight years of recruiting experience with 2 years focusing solely in the social media industry. He’s currently the Sr. Social Media Recruiter for Social@Ogilvy, North America.

His focus is recruiting social media strategists who also lead accounts for various tech, CPG + luxury brand clients. You can also find Nando blogging on social@ogilvy’s blog helping with career + new job issues and tweeting @NandoRecruit.

Additional info on Nando
He believes in 3 things:

* Social Media opens doors
* Telling the truth (despite your history)
* The power of good hair



Together, Nando + Charlene have created the New York Career Zone establishing/organizing meetups + podcasts covering topics like: ace the phone screen, make your LinkedIn profile recruiter-searchable  + Interviewing Tips 101. They want to help job seekers land the new job they deserve.


Our first Podcast — the Top 3 Tips for Job Seekers!

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Stay tuned for more details, future podcasts + New York City Meetups.

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