When Your Boyfriend Won’t Hug You

It’s a Friday morning and I woke up in the usual manner–checking to see how many Twitter followers I had lost (I know, I’m a sad, sad Mexican). Then my boyfriend’s alarm went off–and why he chooses barking dogs as his alarm is beyond me–so  I nudged him to wake up and shut his iPhone off. As he stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom, I continued my Twitter escapades. He entered the room, still groggy and slow-poked his way to get dressed. It was quiet, I looked up from my iPhone and closed my tweet deck app; he was standing in front of me–he looked really handsome. He leaned in for a kiss and said goodbye, and I extended my arms to hug him and when he saw my scrawny arms coming towards him…he jerked back. He rejected my hug and left me wondering, “Why won’t my boyfriend hug me?”

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