5 Tips to Follow Before Your First Date

You’re exhausted, you’ve been combing through the online personals heavier than Al Sharpton’s hairbrush and still nothing. What gives? You’re sexy, you dress well, you bleach your teeth, right? But all the men have the typical crappy profile: the same opening line–“I don’t know what to put here, so just ask me,” cheesy photos showing off their nipples and checked off boxes that state they love mountain climbing, football and Cheetos–still nothing sparks. And just as you’re about to quit internet dating–once and for all–you see mail in your inbox. You look and it’s a sexy, sultry message from a gentleman who’s using proper English, appropriate grammar and is shoveling out respect, sincerity and it looks as if the message was tailor made just for you–and not a “copy and paste job” that some of the schmucks dole out. (We know it’s being copied and pasted–you schmegegge!)

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