Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats | Dog Treats Review

Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats

Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats

When your precious Shih Tzu is allergic to chicken, the dog treats you can give her are limited! That’s why we were so happy when we discovered Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats at the Pet Health Pet Media Showcase. We were given a VIP invite to attend and explore all the new treats, fun toys and grooming equipment available to pets. We even saw a few medical devices that were very interesting at the event and can’t wait to show you in another video! By the way, Leona had a fantastic time at the showcase!

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No Bake (Frozen) Peanut Butter Homemade Dog Treats



Homemade dog treats are fun to make — especially if there are no ovens involved. This is the easiest no bake homemade dog treats recipe I’ve ever come across and it’s only 4 ingredients which means you can whip these puppies up in no time! And in order to get summer (for you and your dog) started the right way, we are giving away 9 silicon mold trays!

Directions for Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Banana & Honey Dog Treats (No-Bake)

In a blender or Nutribullet combine:

1 cup yogurt

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 banana

1 teaspoon honey

Blend all ingredients together and pour into dog bone silicon trays.

Freeze for 2 hours.

Let you pup enjoy!

Yields: depends on the size you make/trays you have. Using the one featured in the video makes 3 full trays with some left over for you.

►Dog Bone Silicon Mold (like in the video):
►Dog Paw & Bone Silicon Mold:


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