What’s Your Dating/Relationship Superpower?

fat wonder woman

We can have our hair treated with a Brazilian Blowouts, get our faces burned off with chemical peels, and even have the gunk scraped off our feet to make us look like a gleaming Super Hero but at the end of the day, even while having/wearing all the bells and whistles–and not to mention the tight spandex (or Spanx), the Wonder Woman push-up bra or maintaining the Batman mystique–we still fail to realize what our dating superpower is.

I know of a woman who can reject a man in a single bound.


I know of a man who can insult a woman quicker than a speeding bullet.


And personally, I can twist words around–so big–that they can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

(bad communicator)

And when you’re dating or in a relationship–these are important factors that can keep you single or get you dumped. So it doesn’t matter how quickly you can duck into a telephone booth and switch costumes or spin ’round like a ballerina on crack, because at the end of the day, if your dating superpower stinks–you stink…and you’re still single.

Are you brave enough to list your dating superpower? (I did) Leave a comment.

Gregg Homme Underwear Winners Announced

sexy men in underwear by gregg hommeApproximately 2 weeks ago Gregg Homme approached me and wanted to hold a sexy underwear give-away with Nandoism readers.

It was the Naughty New Years Resolution contest. We all participate in making resolutions but fail to follow through–so Gregg Homme wanted to make sure this was one resolution you’d keep–and part of your naughty resolution require you wearing a sexy pair of Gregg Homme’s Hercules briefs.

The 3 winners were randomly chosen by Gregg Homme last night as the contest closed at midnight yesterday.

One winner will be announced every 2 hours starting at 11 am this morning. Stayed tuned & keep checking to see if you’re the winner of Gregg Homme’s Hercules.


1. Maynor Caleb M tweet him congratulations at @mcm180

2. Dj J Salinas tweet him congratulations at @DjJSalinas

3. Greg Petruska tweet him congratulations at @undiesboy

Who Are You When You Date?

sexy detectiveI’m funnier when I’m around Cris than when shopping with Lily.

I’m a better listener around Shivy than I am around my OWN boyfriend.

I like meeting up with Nathan because he makes me feel smarter than when I hang out with Nate–who has the IQ of a genius.

I see myself as funny Nando, listener Nando, caring Nando, bitch Nando–and each one is real and authentic. I’m like the Mexican Smurfs–one for each quality. Is it that I just haven’t been diagnosed properly? Could be. But I like to think these different aspects of my character make me 100% Nando. (but I still may need meds)

In dating–do you date Hank differently than Mario? Does Kiki bring something out in you that Amy never did?

Do we date differently depending on the person, the chemistry, or our needs?


So I ask, “Who are YOU when YOU date?”

The Dating Process

sexy couple making outThe Dating Process is not hard, it’s just that–a process–just like making strudel. I’m sure even Julia Child struggled with strudel–the woman struggled with speech–but I digress.

In my work journey, I recently attended a talk with a top level CEO at a top level advertising agency. He asked us the following question: How long does it take to get good at something?

The answer: 10,000 hours.

I applied that to dating. Have you put in your time? If so–and things are still horrible–it’s time to analyze your process because…dating is a process.

What’s your process? Is it working? If it is–give us a tip. If it’s not, why is that?

Leave a comment.

Your Reasons to Date

dating and love
photo by www.marinnyc.com

What are the reasons you date?

1. Because you’re expected to.
2. To fall in love.
3. You’re bored.
3. You’re lonely.
4. To have sex & your hand/toys aren’t cutting it.
5. To share.
6. To feel validated.
7. Because someone “winked” at you on a dating site.
8. To have a child.
9. To obtain a partner and grow.
10. Because you’re ready.

Which one of these (if any–or all) is YOUR motivator to date?

What would happen if we were to throw all pre-existing ideas on dating away and started fresh?

How would you do things differently if only yesterday online dating sites were invented? Would you use them to really connect with someone or just click through photos without reading profiles as if you were on Fresh Direct looking for the freshest pork loin?

Would you still use that old photo of yours? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

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