Fashion Fridays: Australian Winter in NYC.

Names: Craig, Nancy & Nikki

Identifying sign: I swear, these Aussies give you a shiny happy beach feel despite freezing temperatures in NYC.

You’re likely bump into their kind: Blue Bird Coffee Shop at 72 East 1st Street, Lower East Side, New York seeking a refuge from the cold and enjoying awesome coffee.

Fashion Friday Tip: People, I just checked my calendar and I can tell you what you’ve been afraid of — the winter ain’t going anywhere anytime soon… But a look at this friendly Australian bunch in New York reminded me of warm summer colors, of surfer fashion and brands like Quicksilver, Dakine and Roxy. Soft shades of green go well with washed pink and baby blue. Let’s go for summer colors and smile to make us survive the winter easier!

Fashion Fridays: Snowstorm Chic!

Name: Jessie

Occupation: Make Up Artist

Identifying sign: Not even a snowstorm will kill her style!

You’re likely to bump into her kind: On Bogard Street in Bushwick getting her latte from Café Swallow.

Favorite Neighborhood: She likes the Lower East Side a lot.

Favorite Fashion Stores: Thrift stores. Everything she’s wearing is second hand. The leggings are her roommate’s, her dad found the jacket on his job. Jessie’s love for thrift stores isn’t only a good way to save money and stay fashionable; she’s also interested in what people don’t want anymore and see what she can do with it. The sunglasses she’s wearing were $5.

Friday Fashion Tip: Don’t let the tons of snow spoil your stylish clothing. Join the New York’s competition for the most effective snow boots and jump about the slushy puddles on the roads in stylish and warm boots.

Fashion Fridays: Stylish Dog Walker

Name: Gio

Occupation: Student of Interior Design at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Identifying sign: Stylish even when walking his dogs, because style is something you’re born with, not something you can turn on/off.

You’re likely to bump into his kind: Walking his doggies in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

Where he likes to shop for clothes: He likes Shop Oak at Bond Street, and he never forgets to check what’s new in Top Shop.

Never leaves his house without: It’s definitely hats in the winter and sunglasses in the summer.

Fashion Friday Tip: January in New York can be difficult, I know… It’s cold and often gloomy. But you know, everything seems better if you’re wearing a cool hat just like Gio does. And you can wear another one every day. With the right hat, every outfit can get the necessary edge. Yup, even a suit.

Fashion Fridays: Hip Hop Cookies

fashion chalani (1 of 1)

Name: Randy and Zach

Occupation: aspiring musicians and students

Identifying sign: Hip hop cookies with a hint of vanilla sugar

You’re likely to bump into these guys: strolling through Williamsburg clothing stores on the hunt for the perfect look

Favorite Neighborhood: unanimous choice of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Favorite Fashion Store: Brooklyn Industries

Friday Fashion Tip: I have only two words for you. Ready? OK: Get. Boots. Regardless your gender, sexual orientation, cat/dog preferences or your opinion on wiki leaks. If you don’t own a pair of proper boots, it’s like you didn’t even exit. Nada. Air. Now, go and make it happen 😉

Fashion Fridays: Bookworm Chic

maria1 (1 of 1)-2maria2 (1 of 1)

Name: Maria

Occupation: Writer

Identifying sign: Fashionable Bookworm

You’re likely to bump into her kind: In McNally Jackson Bookstore, 51 Prince St., New York

Favorite Neighborhood: She loves all neighborhoods – each one of them has something to offer; she has fave spots rather than neighborhoods.  She mostly hangs out in East Village.

Favorite Fashion Stores: Poppy, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Belle by Sigerson Morrison. Nothing beats a great AND cheap 2nd-hand find though.

Never leaves house without: Her Eastern European Marlboro Lights. And panties.

Friday Fashion Tip: Remember! Bookworms are cute! Therefore, don’t hesitate and get a warm V-neck buttons cardigan. And… a book. As an entertaining accessory 🙂

Fashion Fridays are brought to you by Katarina Hybenova, a writer, a photographer and a passionate clothes combiner based in Brooklyn, the founding editor of . Feel free to follow the stream of her crazy thoughts on

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