Fighting with my Husband

Three weeks ago I met up with a previous client who had given me the secret to life — “Drink a gallon of water a day and your life will change, trust me, it got rid of the baby fat in my face!” Well, if you know me, anything with the words “rid” and “fat” in the same sentence will have me on board and cheering faster than a racist at a Trump rally. I also wondered, would drinking so much water keep me from fighting with my husband?

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Online Group Coaching Bootcamp: Goal Setting 101

Why Consider Group Coaching?

Along with working with me, (amirite?) it’s a fantastic place to build your goal-setting muscles and there’s an instant support group built-in ready to cheer you on.

It’s the program’s goal to change how you go about challenging yourself and step into total accomplishment mode! On this 4 week journey, you’ll discover how to create goals that inspire you to take new action. You’ll be given a new transformative tool kit you’ve never been exposed to before that’ll boost your efforts to new heights. You’ll be able to create a goal, schedule it, work on it, monitor it, and achieve it in under 30 days, really! Why is this important? It now gives you the blueprint to then take this formula and apply it all the other goals you’ve been thinking about but haven’t taken action towards.

Did I mention we get to work together too? Okay, just checking.

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Create Instant Happiness and Joy with a Focus Wheel

I’m Nando Rodriguez your breakthrough coach –today it’s all about your FOCUS…because if you don’t know …now you do!

I’m going to give you the accelerate to boost that goodness you’re looking for and deserve, whether it’s financial abundance, love, the right kind of job, friendships that last — it’s all available to you — and it resides inside of your focus.

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Discovering Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping Therapy Technique to Feel Happy

I’m Nando, your breakthrough coach and today it’s all about EFT tapping because if you didn’t know, now you do!

Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping  is a therapy technique loosely based on the techniques of acupuncture or acupressure. It uses the same basic energy meridians in the body to eliminate  the blocks, obstacles and resistance you’re maintaining and storing in your body (by tapping on specific points). I’m a certified practitioner and have been practicing myself to deal with limited beliefs. 

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How to Deal with Negative Emotions

I’m Nando Rodriguez, a Breakthrough Coach in New York City, and whether I’m coaching a celebrity chef, a reality star, or a successful woman entrepreneur, some of the issues are the same–trust me, it’s not all about flipping tables around a set and being told, “You’ve been chopped!”. No matter who I’m coaching, we eventually come to the day when we deal with negative emotions. If you’re a human being in today’s world, you’re dealing with negative emotions (your own or others) and I’d like to offer you a new way to “be with them” where you’re no longer left emotionally drained, angry, or physically exhausted. Today it’s all about altering your frequency because if you didn’t know — now you do!

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