Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program


The Why A Brand Ambassador Program:

Social Media by nature commands a social aspect to it, to bring people together who share common interests or goals — and it’s also being used to impact the world negatively: to bully, to recruit people of hate, and to spread messages of despair.

The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program (BACEP) stands for love, joy, and community by recruiting agents of transformation. The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program will chosen its participants because of their ability to display: Integrity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability and who are open to letting it play out in their daily lives.

It’s the program’s goal to transform lives by inspiring people to take action (from seeing one the brand ambassador’s journey) knowing they too can accomplish their goals through the use of social media (INSTAGRAM) as an accountability tool.

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It doesn’t take much these days to get a hard case of FOMO. Fear of missing out is a real thing several people are experiencing lately. So much so, that even the money exchange app, Venmo, is creating FOMO left and right. I mean, what’s worse than seeing your friends Venmo one another cash for cool hang-out time together? Nothing, if FOMO has anything to say about it. Read more