Fernando Rodriguez (Nando) was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, smuggled in a basket of newspapers across the Mexico-Texas border, and adopted only three hours later. From his mysterious beginnings in the “murder capital of the world,” Nando has gone on to become a certified NLP success coach in the Big Apple.

Initially founded in 2007, his blog, nandoism.com, draws thousands of views every day from curious people looking for the insightful, random, and sometimes hilarious advice Nando offers up in his sarcastic, self-examining style. In it, he shares his early dating stories, observations and advice—from Texas to New York, and from the heartfelt to the icky and sticky. Nando looks at the world and calls ’em as he sees ’em, including examining the journey of self-discovery and all it’s confronting glory.

Before moving to New York City in 2001, Nando worked to help the mentally ill and those with drug and alcohol addictions as a licensed chemical dependency counselor in Texas. Now, as a transformative learning & Performance Life Coach, Nando is combining his counseling experience with his passion for helping others to transform their lives. He’s helped both men and women, straight and gay, successfully navigate painful breakups, nervous breakdowns, and achieve significant breakthroughs to find their bliss and knockout self-imposed obstacles.

As a blogger, NLP success coach, speaker and host at dating conferences , career conferences, Nando is drawing the eyes of people on their self-help journey and celebrities alike. He’s discussed the sexual proclivities of Middle Eastern men with Jackie Collins, worked with Janice Dickinson on a project to connect women with their perfect gay BFF, and interviewed Tiffani Theissen about the rules of the same.

As if being a success coach weren’t enough, Nando’s outgoing personality and media savvy landed him a senior position at one of the largest global advertising agencies in New York. He’s been an invited speaker on social media at New York City’s School of Visual Arts and Washington DC’s Brazen Careerist. His inspiration cards and ebook, Your Dating DNA: Tools to Understand Why You Date How You Date remind all daters that being sexy might not always be easy, but it’s achievable and damn well worth it. His latest achievement is dedicating all his energy to his success coaching practice based out of New York.


If you’re interested in working with Nando — complete the coaching application here and apply to work with him.


Nando in Action:

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