Sunday Reset: Living in Fear

Sunday Reset: Living in Fear

January 4th was our first Sunday Reset on Facebook Live and it was such a powerful exchange! And it’s only the start — this year we are going to create an amazing path for ourselves to get bigger, stronger and achieve goals that have been escaping us for years. As a Life Coach, I help my clients create a life they love — plain and simple. We keep it easy and construct an actionable plan with integrity and authenticity at the forefront tackling those self-imposed obstacles!

The goal for Sunday Reset is to give access to anyone looking to transform their lives!

Today’s Topic: Fear (click here to watch)

When we live in fear it’s because we are avoiding situations what are setting us up for growth. This week — what are you afraid of? Your boss, your colleagues, a new challenge? Whatever it is — watch today’s Facebook Live Stream for answers and 3 tips on how to set yourself up for the week!

After watching – come back and leave us your word for the week in the comment section!

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