Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats | Dog Treats Review

Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats

Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats

When your precious Shih Tzu is allergic to chicken, the dog treats you can give her are limited! That’s why we were so happy when we discovered Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats at the Pet Health Pet Media Showcase. We were given a VIP invite to attend and explore all the new treats, fun toys and grooming equipment available to pets. We even saw a few medical devices that were very interesting at the event and can’t wait to show you in another video! By the way, Leona had a fantastic time at the showcase!

Dog Chicken Allergy

These duck treats for dogs were Leona’s favorite. She doesn’t take to new treats too easily so we were shocked when she instantly gobbled up these Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats! The reps they had at the showcase were so friendly and so kind, you instantly became best friends with them! The rep wanted to give us an entire bag but instead, we accepted a small strip of the treat– and once we got home and she wanted more — we knew we found her new dog treat she could eat since there was no chicken in it.

Why we love them!

The treat is like a super soft jerky made of duck. It easily crumbles and now, we crumble a few pieces into her dog food as a topper each meal. It’s such a treat for her. We try not to over do it–so it’s a small amount but we love how it makes her so happy.

These dog treats have no by products or added growth hormones, no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, no grains, gluten, or glycerin.

Get your own duck dog treats!

We ordered 2 bags off amazon and she’s been eating them ever since. If your dog is allergic to chicken and they’re able to eat duck — this is the perfect dog treat for them. One pouch has lasted us 1 month.

*We were not paid for a review — in fact we only accepted a small strip of the jerky and purchased our own bags.


►Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs Duck Treats


See the video below for actual footage of Leona the Lion trying the duck treat for the firs time!





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