Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments For Your Hair

A keratin treatment should be in your near future because summer is just around the corner and so is that frizzy hair of yours when that humidity hits.

Why Keratin?

Keratin helps battle frizzy hair–but there’s more, like the shine factor! But first, I’ll explain a few things so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

What is keratin? At its most simplest, it’s a protein found in hair but due to regular beauty routines, blow outs, hot irons–keratin is lost and damage occurs. A keratin hair treatment restores the keratin in your hair leaving you with instant luscious locks.

TRUE of FALSE: The weather also breaks the keratin down in your hair? (TRUE)

Cost: Short hair like mine: $60-100, Shoulder Length Hair $350-500 (Keratin Hair Treatment Costs Vary per Salon. Getting a keratin hair treatment not only straightens your hair, it smooths it out as an added benefit–they’re totally worth it.

Below is video of what a keratin hair treatment on natural hair looks like.

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