The Kooples Men’s Leather Jacket that Transforms without the Commitment

The Kooples Leather Jacket

Knowing I have everything I need in life, a great husband, the most beautiful Shih Tzu on the planet and a career that’s shooting forward in employment branding — what could Santa possibly bring me that wouldn’t pale in comparison? Well, he did it — something to enhance my life in New York City before the weather turned icy cold — a The Kooples leather jacket.

Finally having this black beauty in the closet (where it hardly gets to know the other pieces in there) means adding instant style to anything I throw on. It gives me that instant “bad boy” vibe without having to commit to the lifestyle. Instant bad ass is what my hubby calls it.


And there’s something about putting it on that quickly calls for that shift in swagger. Let’s face it, leather should be a fashion category worm only by those who are cool enough to sit at the table with the rebel himself, James Dean, but don’t worry, this isn’t your ordinary black leather jacket, as this gives you “the look” and that boost of confidence needed to pull up a chair and fit right in.

Interested? I say, ” Go for it.”

The Kooples Leather Jacket front The Kooples leather jacket back

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