Valentine’s Day 2012 + What it Means to You?

Valentines’ Day 2012: gifts, flowers, (do people still do candy?)

What does it all mean? More importantly, what does it mean to you? Here’s a conversation I had with a few New Yorkers on their meaning of Valentine’s Day.

What are your thoughts on Vday? Do you celebrate? Why or why not? Leave a comment and let’s get Mexican in here!


Watch the video below for some insights on what Valentine’s Day 2012 means to the following New Yorkers!


How Not to Feel Lonely on Valentine’s Day

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It’s here, you can’t escape it, Valentine’s Day. Personally, for me, it’s just another day of the year — romantic, right? But, Valentine’s Day wasn’t invented by Hallmark, it might have been capitalized by it–but Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since 500 AD. And they had it right back then, it was to celebrate romance and the idea of love. It’s been lost now, but in case you are single today, have no fear, here is an excellent video to help you get through it. Share it with a friend and if you still can’t get over being single on Valentine’s Day and plan on using a rope–use it for the right reasons…sexual release! Take a look.

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