21 Unique Girl Dog Names for Your Shih Tzu


Why get a unique girl dog name?

Getting a pet is a major decision, right? Think again, it’s all about choosing the name you bestow upon your dog because it will represent them for life. Long gone are the days when dog names were confined to Rex, Rover or Bud. The common dog name era is over. Want proof? We were at BarkWorld2016 Expo a few weeks ago and we met up with chihuahuas named: Bruce Wayne and Phipps.  Still need more proof? The most googled searches are: popular dog names, funny dog names, and Indian dog names. (Who knew?) In 2016 we give our pets more sophistication and personality when it comes to naming them.

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Leona the Lion


Leona had a photo shoot with daddy today and according to him — she actually sat down and posed (due to several chicken treats and toys). It’s always a challenge to get her to take photos but once they are snapped and we look back — they were always worth the trouble. Who knew we would become “those” type of puppy parents? But we have. She’s our little baby and is spoiled rotten.

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