London Style News: The Shoe Update

London Style News: The Shoe Update

This Monday I have woken up to a glorious sunshine, which always puts me on a good mood, like any other sun starved gay in the world. It is not only the weather that is making me happy, I have new things I am obsessed with and only fair that I share the news with my lovely people in NYC. It’s now April and things are looking up as far as this year is coming along. I have been hitting the gym like a maniac, ready for shorts, tank top and flip flops! Can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer yet. Whoop! However, there are few things that I wanted to get you guys to pay attention to and here we go…

The Hurly Burly Show
Last night I witnessed the start of a burlesque revolution in the form of The Hurly Burly Show. The show is all about the fabulous Miss Polly Rae and her very talented team of Hurly Burly Girlies. I have kind of “gone off” burlesque as there are SO many so called stars doing their version and it never really impresses me. This all changed last night and I was literally blown away (ahem). Now, I know you are thinking that I am being particularly mean, telling you about a show that you can’t see in your side of the bond. However, I am planning a one man campaign to get this show on the road all over world. I am being dead serious. This show is all singing all dancing experience, with nipple tassels, g-strings, 6 inch heels and flame throwing. These girls are spicing up London’s West End and I would strongly advise you all to keep an eye on them. This show is going to be HUGE. For more details, click to

My Swatch Watch
Now, you all know I like rubbery things, especially when it comes to watches. We shall leave the other accessories without a mention. The beauty with these watches is that they come in every imaginable colour. You can easily mix and match them to the rest of your wardrobe. I mean seriously, how much fun. I currently LOVE my grey one. Planning to get a few more. Surprisingly enough, today my watch matches my underwear. I rule. End of. You can of course get your own from

My Converse Trainers
Seriously. The grey theme continues. I adore these trainers. I in fact have these in two colours. The ones in grey as pictured and the other are in black and red. Totally obsessed. The thing with converse are that you can actually wear them with anything, minus Speedo of course. I work mine with mu black suit, just to bring it down to casual if needed. I wear them with jeans, shorts and so forth. You can go wrong with converse. This is an age old story, but I am here to tell you that they are still going strong. Get yours from

So, this week, I am obsessed with nipple tassels, glitter, g-strings and apparently everything to do with the colour grey. What are you obsessed about?

London Style News : The Man Update

London Style News : The Man Update

Boys and girls, this week marks the start of our summer time, which is always good news. The evenings are getting lighter, the air is getting warmer and I am wearing less layers than few weeks before, which is obviously a great thing for anyone near me. To mark this amazing week (it is going to be an amazing week, I am going to make sure of it), I am sharing with you guys what I am obsessed with this week.

First up, is the amazing new underwear from Aussiebum, Man. They have gone back to basics so to speak with design and taken the brief to a new level. I am wearing mine now and they are the most comfortable undies I have worn in a while. The fabric is cotton-polyester mix and they feel amaze, plus they look amazing on, I am tempted to run around in my underwear all day long. Perhaps I should, that might brighten up everyone’s day. Surely.

Second up, we have Jockey boxers. As well all know, you can sleep in briefs, well I can’t. Boxers are they way forward and what better place to get them from than the birthday boy of 135 years? There is a good reason why Jockey is still going strong and I have been sleeping in my boxers for years. Not the same ones obviously. Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a man in boxers, wearing his glasses and reading the paper in bed on a Sunday morning. Trust me on this one.

Third up, my new nautical t-shirt from H&M. Now is the best time to get some spring in your step and get inspired by sailors. Just remember that less is definitely more in this case. You do not need to go all out and dress as if you just fell of the boat, unless of course its Fleet Week. Get one item, be it a t-shirt, scarf, hat or a jacket and make it work.

Fourth up is my new phone, the Motorola DEFY. Incredible. They have designed it “life proof” and so far it has turned “Marko proof” as well. Water and dust resistant and doesn’t care if it gets dropped down few stairs. Packed with amazing features such a the new MOTOBLUR, which automatically delivers everything (emails, tweet, facebook updates etc) to one inbox. I adore it. The screen is bright and clear and the touch screen is very responsive. Truly a great handset for a man on the go. Loves it.

So there you have it, underwear, boxers, stripes and a rugged phone. Thats what I am about this week. What are you about? Do share.

Fashion Fridays: Lunch break in Meatpacking.

Names: William and Emilia

Occupation: William is a web designer and Emilia works in fashion PR

You’re likely to bump into their kind: In Meatpacking District, using their break to check out the fashion trends.

Their favorite clothes store: Yigal Azrouel. We were actually standing in front of it.

Their favourite neighborhood: Nolita!

Fashion Friday Tip: Accessorize, people! Make your office outfits adorable, show that you like to play! William’s hat is a great example of how much more interesting can your outfit get. And Emilia’s red sunglasses are totally cool. Two more details I love about these folks’ outfits! Look at the length of William’s pants. Exactly! The boy understands it so well, oh so well!  I think that in general we wear our pans and sleeves too long. The shorter, the  funkier 😉 And Emilia’s shoes. Perfection!

London Style News : Urbanears

Boys and girls, this week I’m brining you something I know will add colour to your life and therefore make you happy. (Yes, colour = happy). I have been on the market for new headphones for ages. Firstly the general Apple ones are not made to fit my ears. They are extremely uncomfortable and fall off while running or generally doing anything at the gym. Annoying. Secondly, I seem to have misplaced my other headphones. Most likely left them in a plane, train or taxi. Very annoying.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across Urbanears (All the colours of the rainbow = very happy me.) I was sucked in their online world with the whip splash. I am in head phone heaven. Not only do they do they different types of headphones, plattan (the classic headphone), medis (with a special Ear Click design to keep them from slipping)and the new baggis, they do them in pretty much every colour you can imagine! From the blights orange, yellow, red, green and blue to the more muted of grey, brown and black. Basically something for everyone. Winner! The only problem I have now is to pick a pair, not only according colour but style as well. Fast forward me ordering every style in couple of colours. Ooops.

The best thing about Urbanears? Sound quality + colour = amaze. The sound quality knocked me down. Rihanna’s S&M sounded even better than it did before. The sound is very full, warm and crystal clear. SoundHeaven. I would strongly advice you all to have a good look at Urbanears. You now have a chance to match your gym shorts, shoes, belt, speedo (basically anything) to your headphones. Or add some colour to your suited and booted look.

I am going to have a lot of fun playing with these, mix and match with items from the wardrobe, all the while listening to my favourite tunes with amazing clarity.

Fashion Friday: Spring in Brooklyn.

Name: Stacey

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Identifying sign: Nonchalantly elegant with a smile to welcome long awaited spring!

You’re likely to bump into her kind: In art cafe Little Skips in Brooklyn getting first ice late of the season.

Her favorite clothes stores: She likes to go to big department stores like Century 21 and hunt for great deals. You know, lady on a budget.

Fashion Friday Tip: Loose khaki shorts combined with a waist length stripy shirt is a combination to kill for!

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