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Boys and girls, this week I’m brining you something I know will add colour to your life and therefore make you happy. (Yes, colour = happy). I have been on the market for new headphones for ages. Firstly the general Apple ones are not made to fit my ears. They are extremely uncomfortable and fall off while running or generally doing anything at the gym. Annoying. Secondly, I seem to have misplaced my other headphones. Most likely left them in a plane, train or taxi. Very annoying.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across Urbanears (All the colours of the rainbow = very happy me.) I was sucked in their online world with the whip splash. I am in head phone heaven. Not only do they do they different types of headphones, plattan (the classic headphone), medis (with a special Ear Click design to keep them from slipping)and the new baggis, they do them in pretty much every colour you can imagine! From the blights orange, yellow, red, green and blue to the more muted of grey, brown and black. Basically something for everyone. Winner! The only problem I have now is to pick a pair, not only according colour but style as well. Fast forward me ordering every style in couple of colours. Ooops.

The best thing about Urbanears? Sound quality + colour = amaze. The sound quality knocked me down. Rihanna’s S&M sounded even better than it did before. The sound is very full, warm and crystal clear. SoundHeaven. I would strongly advice you all to have a good look at Urbanears. You now have a chance to match your gym shorts, shoes, belt, speedo (basically anything) to your headphones. Or add some colour to your suited and booted look.

I am going to have a lot of fun playing with these, mix and match with items from the wardrobe, all the while listening to my favourite tunes with amazing clarity.

Fashion Friday: Spring in Brooklyn.

Name: Stacey

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Identifying sign: Nonchalantly elegant with a smile to welcome long awaited spring!

You’re likely to bump into her kind: In art cafe Little Skips in Brooklyn getting first ice late of the season.

Her favorite clothes stores: She likes to go to big department stores like Century 21 and hunt for great deals. You know, lady on a budget.

Fashion Friday Tip: Loose khaki shorts combined with a waist length stripy shirt is a combination to kill for!

Fashion Fridays: West Village Madonna

Name: Ariella

Identifying sign: West Village Madonna

You’re likely to bump into her kind: In West Village running around all busy but fashionable at all times.

Favorite Neighborhood: She totally loves West Village.

Favorite Fashion Store: Flying A. All the clothes in the picture including the tiny awesome hand bag are vintage.

Never leaves house without: Her make up! (I hear ya, sista!)

Friday Fashion Tip: My fashion-thirsty heart totally fell for Ariella’s hand bag. I already see endless possibilities to combine it with various outfits. So girls, you know what’s our next mission…




First Date Tips from a Black Swan

We all have one – an alter ego. You know that little voice that tells you that it’s ok to eat that extra piece of cake, or to call in sick just to have a fun day, or even to go ahead and have unprotected sex because it feels better! Now I’m not suggesting you follow everything it tells you to do, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it out every now and then.

Very few people will ever know you as well as your own Black Swan. When you think about it, it’s the side of us that pushes our moral limits, challenges us to do things that we would not otherwise do. In the proverbial mirror of life, they are the reflections of ourselves that crave attention, danger, sex, excitement, and freedom from the mundane. And I say, let loose the alter ego from time to time. Let the Black Swan fly free – in moderation of course.

Mr. Black Swan’s top 5 dating tips for 1st dates

1. Always, always, always have a creative escape plan – long gone are the days of having a friend call you in the middle of the date to bail you out. Not only is it obvious, but it’s just so cliché and frankly it requires too much timing. If you’re ready to leave after the first 15 minutes, you’re shit outta luck until your friend calls you (usually 30min-1hour). Try bringing note cards with you that have dating affirmations written on them. (Example: You’re pretty! He’s going to like you for you! You’re an amazing conversationalist! etc…) And when the date starts to go bad, accidentally drop them on the floor and allow him to pick them up. Then feign in embarrassment and ask to be taken home.

2. There is nothing wrong with being prepared to have sex on the first date! So, be sure to trim the hedges (advice for men: The tree always looks taller when the hedges have been trimmed) and flush out the pipes!!! Bring more than one condom – just in case (advice for women: there ain’t nothing wrong with supplying your own rubbers)!

3. I say skip all the getting to know you conversation bullshit – if it’s ‘meant to be’ there will plenty of time for that later. Hit the down and dirty button and put all your kinky cards on the table!! Talk about what makes your toes curl and what makes your skin crawl. Get it out in the open so that when sex does happen there are no awkward moments. Whatever you’re into…toys, role-playing, S&M, feet, butt funk, belly button lint – it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing more awkward than pulling out nipple clamps and anal beads in front of an unsuspecting victim. Trust me, I know.

4. Whatever you do on the date, think of something that you can say is the first time you’ve done or had (even if it’s not). Example: “OMG- this is delicious! This is the first time I’ve ever eaten Fettuccini Alfredo!” Something about sharing that first experience with someone makes it feel special. BUT, think wisely, don’t just blurt anything out. There are do’s and don’ts to this.

do = “This is my very first time Salsa Dancing, ever!”
don’t = “This is my first time ever using a condom.”

5. Lastly, don’t worry about impressing your date. If you two are compatible that will happen naturally. Think more about impressing yourself! If you’re not impressed with who you are, your insecurities will show. Be the kind of person you would want to go out with…and if they don’t like it, they weren’t worth it! So go home and seduce yourself!

What about you? How do you get in touch with your Black Swan on a first date? Leave a comment and let’s start the discussion!


Extra bonus–My own Black Swan Video:

London Style News : Nespresso PIXIE

Boys and girls, I know I promised fashion his week, but then something came up, Nespresso Pixie to be more accurate and I would have never forgiven myself if I had not shared this news with you all. Plus as you know, once you start dating someone new, you will be judged on everything, right? Be it your looks, personality, your apartment, your friends and on general style points, which by the way can make all the difference. I would like to think that the little things don’t matter in this day and age, however as we all know, “It’s all in the details”. Trust me on this one. If my 32 years (on Sunday) haven’t thought me anything else, this I know. I am not saying that having a stylish AND environmentally friendly coffee machine will “seal the deal” so to speak, however as you are making coffee in your underwear, you know you will be looking hot and there is no reason why the coffee machine should bring you down in the mornings. Toned body, cute underwear and something shiny, BINGO!

I have been obsessed with Nespresso for good few years now and this last week they released their new machine to the market and I must say that I am truly impressed. They have taken all their knowledge about coffee machines and shrunken all the parts to make the smallest machine yet. I am seriously amazed by how small the machine is, plus it comes with side panels in various colours, so we can match the machine to our kitchens, fabulous. I am currently keen on the pictured green, but this is of course subject to change as I am flaky as hell. Anyway, so they machine is not only teeny and powerful, but environmentally friendlier than ever. It even switches itself off after 9min, which of course is a good thing as after serving coffee, you will most likely be busy doing other activities and you don’t want to be worrying about the coffee machine, right? Not only is it clever by turning itself off, but it also heats up in under 30seconds, which can prove to be a very handy little feature when running late in the mornings and it will save many swear words as I am very impatient, especially at 6.15am! I could go on and on about the functionality, but will save you from that, just know that this machine could change the way you drink coffee forever, plus it looks HAWT.

What more could you want?

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