Working with Recruiters : Your First Impression

As someone who was a recruiter for over 10 years, I can tell you that people don’t realize what a bad impression they make when they reach out asking you for help. It’s not the idea of helping someone that leaves a bad taste in our mouths, it’s the idea of organizing their thoughts and figuring out the ask.

It’s like showing up at a bank and when it’s your turn at the teller, you just sit there, say nothing, and continuously blink at them hoping they will read your mind and fix your problem.

As with any ask — you must be organized, present the ask, and present the opportunity for me in the situation–otherwise why would I want to help a random stranger?

When you reach out to a recruiter, you can’t be coy, you can’t waste time, and you can’t come across as desperate. Instead, you want to follow these tips–but clearly understand why these tips will add value to your message.

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3 Tips on How to Shine in a Job Interview

pic from @NatyBaby instagram feed
pic from @NatyBaby instagram feed

If you’re new to the job market or need a refresher when it comes to a job interview — Daniela Toporek, staff writer at interviewingU wrote a great piece that breaks down the essentials of how to shine on a job interview. You know, you work so hard to get noticed and your resume makes it to the top of the pile and the phone screen was a breeze — but that in-person interview can be a little tricky for some…well, up until now.

“Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” Eminem was talking about rap battles in his verse, but I’m sure the same applied to us all when we went in for our first job interview (hopefully not the part of regurgitating your meal). After my share of interviews, I’ve come up with the three key components to help you score that job!

1. Come Prepared!

Depending on the job, you could either have a one on one interview with your potential employer or you could have a group interview among other applicants. Either way, the best way to outshine the rest is to be prepared for anything they may throw at you.

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Brand to Land – Brand Yourself to Land the Job You Deserve (An Interactive Workshop) #Brand2Land

#Brand2Land: An Interactive Workshop
#Brand2Land: An Interactive Workshop


Do you tense up at interviews? Or smack yourself in the face afterwards and think, “Why didn’t I answer it this way?” Maybe you’re convinced you aced your interview only to get a rejection letter a few days later.

If this sounds like you—or if you NEVER want this to be you, The Brand to Land Workshop is what you need.

Nando (Sr. Social Media Recruiter) + Charlene (Talent Recruiter) provide the gateway into one of the most iconic and legendary advertising agencies of our time and have teamed up for an interactive seminar called Brand to Land: Helping you find your personal brand to landyour next job. The workshop, being held at the sexy Wix Lounge, is designed to introduce job seekers (of all levels and industries) to the new trends in interviewing and how to stand out in today’s job market.

Participants will self-identify their personal brand to showcase that brand throughout the interviewing process to land the job they want.


  • Discover your personal interviewing brand
  • Identify and target habits sabotaging your interviews
  • Be challenged during mock interviews to sharpen quick-thinking skills and rethink standard responses
  • Redefine your approach to job searches
  • Exposure to new interviewing techniques trending in today’s job market

Seminar Details:

2-hour interactive seminar where Nando + Charlene actively help job seekers navigate through the interviewing process with collaborative activities leaving job seekers feeling refreshed, confident and armed with a new set of core competencies.

Bonus Features:

  • Help you gain confidence during the interviewing process
  • Our 4-point method of addressing every interview question
  • Tactical assignments to self-identify your personal interviewing brand
  • 5 Killer ways to boost your networking skills
  • Discover the 5 trends in today’s job market
  • Reasons recruiters are not calling you back
  • Why your job search is failing
  • Questions never to ask an interviewer
  • Negotiate salaries, vacations + more
  • Engaging mock interview session where you get in the “hot seat”
  • Interactive Q&A session with Nando + Charlene



5 Tips on Getting that Promotion/Raise You Deserve!

promotion + raise

Tips on Getting that Promotion/Raise YOU deserve!

Nando, a social media recruiter + Charlene, an advertising industry recruiter, give you tips, techniques and insights for acing the interview and starting a new career.

This week, we will be shedding some light on how to get that promotion or raise (or both!) and we have special guest on the podcast: Vika, Robert + Bertha. They all bring their expert advice in recruiting to help you get that promotion or raise that you deserve!


  • Make sure you have a reference point
  • Establish yourself as the Expert in a niche
  • Be your own cheerleader

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Career Networking + Phone Screen Etiquette 101

Career Networking + Phone Screen Etiquette 101

Ever wonder what the rules are when networking? Do you just walk up to anyone at a networking event and give your elevator pitch? And how soon after the event should you follow up with your new contacts? Here are the rules for career networking by Stephanie Hunt, etiquette coach from Swan Noir.

Also in this episode are rules to properly ace a phone screen/interview with a potential employer.


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