Interview with Author L A Johannesson on her new book “e-loves me, e-loves me not”

eloves me eloves me not by L.A. Johannesson
eloves me eloves me not by L.A. Johannesson

As a blogger I get approached by several authors and their projets…and don’t get me wrong, I feel privileged because they just don’t reach out to any old Mexicans–they want someone with an audience, personality and nice hair, right? At least that’s what my therapist keeps trying to convince with. In any case, when I received L.A. Johannesson’s request for a collaboration, I was thrilled as I soon began to research her new book. e-loves me, e-loves me not because it was fun, sexy + authentic! 

As I read (from page one) I was hooked. The blind date described in the first paragraph was something I experienced and I’m sure several of you have experienced, except Kayte, our main character did something I never did, which made me cheer her on and made me keep reading.

But I didn’t want to just do a regular book review/interview with L.A., I wanted to dig deeper and get into her creative process, because I know several of you out there have been wanting to write your own book, your novel, your own story and I think we all need to stick together as creative souls, so the first half of this interview is L.A. sharing her story on creativity, which is important, especially because she didn’t have to dive in so deep with me. Not only does she reveals her writing process, she gives us all  tips on how to do it yourself. And of course, we talk about her book and all the rich details….except the ending, we aren’t STUPID!

After you listen to the interview with Author L. A. Johannesson on her new book e-loves me, e-loves me not, leave a comment on why you’d like a copy of her book and your might be the lucky winner to get a FREE e-copy. That’s right, L.A. has agreed to give ONE lucky reader, who leaves a comment and tweets about it — one free copy. So listen to the podcast, spread the word, and tweet. L.A. will randomly selected the lucky winner one week from today which will be February 4th — just in time for a nice Valentine’s Day read!

About the book:

Still single at 39, Kayte Wexford has everything but Mr. Right. With keyboard at the ready, she turns to technology for help.Kayte dives fingers first into a sea of online dating, instant messaging and email exchanges where she connects with some charming, hilarious, bizarre and downright frightening characters. Each encounter teaches her something and tests her optimism, intuition and commitment, while advancing her that next necessary step in her quest for love. With so many fish in this cyber-sea, Kayte must decide which ones to toss back, which to reel in and which, if any, should be proudly mounted.Thankfully she doesn’t have to make the journey alone. Her dog Dylan is not only a good listener but a great judge of character, her best friend Chloe is Kayte’s consummate cheerleader, while her friend and cyber coach Roman provides dating tips and hints as he schools Kayte in the lessons required for online dating success.

e-loves me, e-loves me not is a contemporary romantic comedy that examines the effects of technology on communication, dating and love. It focuses on the relationship of four (five if you count the dog) main characters, each with their unique views on love: there’s Kayte the ever-hopeful romantic idealist who has done, and will do, almost anything to find it, Roman the consummate bachelor who has played the dating game for far too long, Thomas who’s new to all this and wary about trusting love again so soon and Chloe who appears to be living the perfect version of it.

Join this eclectic ensemble on their journey and see if you can predict where Kayte will end up and with whom!



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And in a move that only L.A. Johannesson + Oprah could make–she is rewarding EVERYONE who left a comment + entered the contest (by Feb 4th) a free copy of her book to enjoy for this Valentine’s Day. Content is now officially closed but those who entered by leaving a comment, stand by, you should be getting an e-mail from L.A. herself with details. (this is only good for those who entered + commented by Feb 4th — the contest is not closed)

Book Review: Can’t Think Straight by Kiri Blakeley

What happens when you’re a straight female that’s been engaged to a “straight” man for 10 years who one day finally confesses, “I’m confused about my sexuality?” Can’t Think Straight is the story of one woman’s experience when the man she was about to marry comes out of the closet– and it’s quite a roller coaster ride.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kiri Blakeley this past weekend when invited to be on Twanna Hines’ Late Sex Show centered around the topic, “Coming Out Later in Life.” (For more info on the show watch the show’s promo below)

And although our conversation got off topic several times–sitting next to Kiri for an hour–I understood and related to the pain she went through dealing with the deceit and having to grief the relationship–on various levels. The story gets more complex when Kiri does some snooping around on their shared computer and discovers that “Aaron” — who’s name has been changed to protect his identity, has actually been cheating on her with men for the last two years.

Kiri explained that her personal style in life and in print is to come off as witty, sarcastic when dealing with tough situations which I was relived to hear because if you didn’t know this ahead of time, certain statements in her book come off as homophobic and out of touch with the gay community as a whole by using gay stereotypes when confronting Aaron and his new lifestyle. But what do you expect from a woman who has just discovered her beau and life partner might have just put her health and well-bring at risk?

And just to clarify, Kiri is not homophobic and throughout her experience, has a gay confident that she turns to during this time. Can’t Think Straight is Kiri’s personal experience of what happens when you send your finance to the dry cleaners one day and he comes back gay.

Kiri Blakeley was a writer for Forbes magazine for ten years and has a regular column on She has profiled celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Sandra Bullock, Padma Lakshmi, and Heidi Klum, and written about directors such as Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) and Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!). She graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Kiri is giving aways 2 copies of her book on Nandoism.

To qualify:

1. Leave a comment here on how you think you’d handle going through something similar (and include your twitter ID if you have one).

2. Copy, Paste & Tweet this out: I just entered the @nandoism & @KiriBlakeley I Can’t Think Straight book #giveaway!


UPDATE: 4/15

Congrats to the winners of the book #giveaway :

MisRiss & CAN723 — be on the lookout for your copy of Can’t Think Straight.

Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Ends

The Book: Project Happily Ever After

The Author: Alisa Bowman

The Inside Scoop: The book was written in an honest voice–so honest, that at times I would cringe thinking, “Wow, would I be able to have that in writing…forever?” See, Alisa allows her readers into her life, mind and marriage. We can all sit around and wish for a “happy ever after” but it just doesn’t happen…not without work. And personally, I didn’t believe in a “happily ever after” — not when another human is involved. A goldfish maybe, a puppy, a parrot, but not when you’re sharing your life, hopes and living space with another person who actually speaks: someone left the toothpaste cap off, they might have used up all your moisturizer and left your face dry and unprotected, or in Alisa’s case–left you all alone to tend to your newborn child while he went out to a party. I do believe in working together to make things work…and if you throw in some hot sex–you got it made.

The Lessons: Once the marriage got so bad, that Alisa’s relief was writing a fiction novel where a desperate housewife plans her husband’s death and funeral. Yeah. Juicy right? But just as she’s getting into her new project: Death to Husband, she meets with a friend who tells her, “Try everything, once you have, then you can divorce him.” I know how she felt, it’s like when I told a friend I was trying to loose weight and they said, “Well, have you tried not eating so much?” She and I both left with defeat in our hearts. Alisa wanted to hear, “Yeah, leave him, he’s a jerk.” And I wanted to hear, “Oh, here’s some cash–so get liposuction.”

A few days later, Alisa started a new project: “Project Happily Ever After” reading several self-help books and trying various experiments involving her husband. The Hug Experiment was fascinating–when participating in a hug, who initiates it and who releases first? And what does that mean? That experiment alone, made the book invaluable to me because my own boyfriend says I suck at hugs and when he meets people and they hug him, he’ll whisper in my ear, “Now, she knows how to give a hug.” Project Happily Ever After breaks down all the techniques and tips Alisa tried in order to repair her marriage; it was like a self-help cheat sheet.

The Outcome: Alisa discusses her dating life prior to getting married and takes her readers along on her dating experience with Mark, her husband. We’re present when they first meet, the first date, the birth of their child and yes, while Alisa plans his eulogy and funeral; but we also have front row seats at the birth of Project Happily Ever After and it’s execution. The book should be broken up into sections, Singles & Married People because Alisa inserts amazing dating tips that she now realizes (in hind sight) and relates them to now being married for example; when dating a guy who says he doesn’t want children, believe him–he doesn’t want children. The book is a self-help book because it takes you step by step on her journey of saving her marriage, Mark finding her g-spot and the both of them being able to connect on such a great level. Alisa does believe in divorce–only if you can honestly say you have tried everything (she does mention that your partner has to be a willing participant otherwise, what’s the point?).

My Feedback: Buy and read a copy of Project Happily Ever After. (that link will take you there) If you’re single, you’re going to learn remarkable dating tips. If your marriage is on the rocks, you’re going to read about love lessons and experiments to turn things around and nd even if your relationship is doing well, you’ll get an education that’ll lead you to Happily Ever After–even if you don’t believe it exists at first.

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